Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flushing Commons: rising from the dead?

From the Times Ledger:

Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Lieber told Flushing leaders last Thursday that the city is committed to dusting off and starting the public approval process on its Flushing Commons project, an announcement that caught several in the room, most notably City Councilman John Liu (D−Flushing), by surprise.

“I was happy to hear the deputy mayor make a surprise announcement regarding the municipal lot,” Liu said. “I’m looking forward to seeing not only how he will perform CPR on, but exhume this project from its grave to get it back on a respirator.”

Reached for comment, the city Economic Development Corp., which has been working with TDC on the project, confirmed that it intends to certify development plans for public approval by the end of 2009. In an interview with TimesLedger Newspapers, TDC President Michael Meyer was equally optimistic about moving ahead with the project by year’s end.

Just in time to bid on Willets Point!


PizzaBagel said...

I love that architectural drawing. Where are the crowds, fercryinoutloud? People! We need more people in that shot! That ain't Roosevelt Avenue between Main and Union. Get real!

Anonymous said...

Why has the city lost its mind? This is the same city where Riverdale is screaming about half-finished hulks and Astorians are nervously eyeing foundations that seem to be nothing more than giant fenced in pits.

Anonymous said...

Another Bloomturd plan to kill off Flushing. Why not just let it secede from NYC? Everytime I hit the Main Street/Roosevelt Avenue, I feel like I will be asked for a passport. Overcrowding? Don't give it a thought! Diminishing the services that already exist (in a bad economy)...pricless!!! Bring on Willets Point. (check) Destroy College Point (check) Tweed the rest of north Queens (check). Hmmm... I hope everyone turns out to thank Bloomturd at their local Memorial Day parades next week.

LINDA said...


Anonymous said...

Well find out on May 24th.

Anonymous said...

I would love the mayor to come to Maspeth Memorial Day Parade, I will scream no third term!!!

Anonymous said...

Beware the revised specifications of the "exhumed" Muni Lot 1 plan:

TDC is seeking to eliminate 700 of the parking spaces that it had previously agreed to provide, reducing the number from 2,100 to 1,400.

Creating the impression that the Muni Lot 1 plan is being revived is merely an attempt to rehabilitate TDC's image enough to justify considering its potential involvement with the Willets Point redevelopment later this year. Unless TDC saves face, and fast, it will be out of the running to be involved with Willets Point -- notwithstanding that TDC has already acquired property on the Flushing side of the river that is intended to become the landing of a new bridge connecting Flushing and Willets Point.

Anonymous said...

More nonsense for the rich. Shall they have 8 homes or maybe ten while the rest of us sleep on the curb?

Where will they be tommorow? Dubai, London, Hong Kong, China or wherever else a loose dollar is to be chased.

Let's have some accountability to the workers and taxpayers and fewer goodies to the iterant millionaires.