Sunday, May 17, 2009

UFT watching 18 schools for swine flu

From the NY Post:

Eighteen schools must be monitored by city officials to see whether they should be closed due to the new swine-flu outbreak, teachers-union officials said yesterday.

All the schools had unusually high rates of absenteeism last week that might be linked to the illness, said Ron Davis, a spokesman for the United Federation of Teachers.

But Davis refused to name the schools, saying it would create a panic. When asked if not listing the schools would set off even bigger alarm bells by keeping parents in the dark, Davis responded, "We don't view it that way."

Closing schools "is not our call," he added. "That's up to the Department of Education and the Department of Health to make that call."

Health officials said they would check on all of the schools. As of yesterday, there were no additional closures.


ew-3 said...

And the UFT is making this announcement and not the DOE or DOH?

Anonymous said...

PS 79 in Whitestone.. only 17 left to guess on...

LINDA said...

wow wouldn't it just be wiser to end the school year and let this thing pass. i can't believe how stupid our mayor and his staff are. NOW there could possibly be 18 more schools spreading their germs, good going a-0 bloomass.

Anonymous said...

Three day weekend coming up for Memorial Day. It may be a 4, 5, 6 day weekend. Look for early school closings.

PS--When they say the schools are closing for "cleaning" what really takes place? Ever try to clean your whole house? Do you think these big places can really be cleaned in a week. Rally? Who does the work? Wiped down does not equal clean. So, when the kids come back everything should be spiffy? yeah, right.

Taxpayer said...

This is the result of our having elected a Commissar who is unable to manage municipal agencies.

An incompetent, agenda-driven union, headed by a personally ambitious moron, tries to fill the vacuum left by the incompetent Commissar.

The end result? Disrupted education, sick kids, panic, and one more instance of an out-of-control municipal government.

The cure? Dump this moronic, turtle-faced, lying, imbecile of a Commissar on November 3.

The benefit? You, once again regain control over your life and YOUR government. Did you remember? The government is owned, lock, stock and City Hall by YOU!

Take Control. On November 3, vote for Tony Avella!

Anonymous said...

Boy, am I sure glad Mayor Bloomturd contained this so successfully. I guess this wasn't all from a St Francis Prep school trip to Mexico after all.

italian girl said...

"wow wouldn't it just be wiser to end the school year and let this thing pass."

What will the working parents do then? You KNOW that's the city's main concern.
I often think that's why many people have such little regard for teachers. It's because we're seen little more than babysitters.

italian girl said...

That assistant principal just passed away. A good friend of mine who is close to the Wiener family just told me.

Anonymous said...

My child's class at PS 196 Queens has several confirmed cases of flu and a total of 11 kids w/ symptoms. Everyone is keeping their kids home tomorrow. What the hell are officials waiting for?

Anonymous said...

This started in Mexico where healthcare can't compare to the USA. People have to be smart, stay home if you don't feel well and seek medical attention right away. We have medication to treat it.
How many cases of flu are there EVERY year? Hate to say it, but don't people die every year from the flu? This variation of the flu has been reported to be relatively mild like ordinary flus we face every year.
Would the schools be closed if these same people were infected with Influenza A or a stomach virus? Treat it the same way. Just like the stomach bug that went through the schools this year, it took several weeks before it calmed down.
I think why not take precautions and close common areas in the schools like gyms, computer labs and libraries? I work in a postion where I may visit 5 schools a week. I don't like the situation, but I am taking precautions and don't expect to see all the schools close at the same time.
PS: My condolences to the family of the AP who passed away today.

Anonymous said...

"Would the schools be closed if these same people were infected with Influenza A or a stomach virus?"

Yes, they would.

Anonymous said...

With all the people out of work this should be an especially fun flu season. Temps and freelancers don't get paid when they don't work. They will come in with a large arrow through their backs because the loss of a single day may mean the loss of an entire assignment and blackballing by the agency or company.

This is what we have wrought in America. Loss of basic employment standards, low wages, closed hospitals all at the same time that there is more luxury and piggery than ever--and when I refer to swine, I don't mean swine flu.

Welcome to the International race to the bottom. America goes to hell on a sled.

Anonymous said...

It's the UFT - don't listen to them.