Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crowley and Markey: disinterested and dumb

From the Times Newsweekly:

Those in attendance asked about the possibility of opening a new supermarket in the area, eyeing the former site of a Rite Aid pharmacy at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and Tonsor Street as a prime location. Prior to becoming a drug store, it was noted, the location had been a Key Food supermarket.

Attendees said they had heard conflicting rumors that the site would instead be developed into condominiums. Crowley indicated that since the site is commercially zoned, such a project would require the owners of the site to secure a zoning variance, which must undergo a public review process.

According to MWEBA President Kathy Hamilton, the idea of building a new supermarket at the Rite Aid site was raised previously at a civic meeting last year. Representatives of then-State Sen. Serphin Maltese had stated they would reach out to a local supermarket chain in the hope of opening a new franchise locally.

But since the senator was voted out of office last November, Hamilton said, those plans seemingly went by the wayside. Nevertheless, residents in attendance at last Thursday's meeting stressed the need for opening a new retailer in the neighborhood.

Carolina Gill, a spokesperson for Assemblywoman Markey, said that the legislator would reach out to her colleague in the State Assembly, Catherine Nolan, regarding soliciting a grocery store chain to come to the Maspeth/Ridgewood area. Even so, she noted, it would likely be difficult to lure a potential client into the area due to the current economic crisis.

Gill suggested that the organization launch a petition drive and gather signatures of local residents to demonstrate to supermarket chains the community's desire for a new grocery store.

Regardless of the concerns, Crowley stated that she would reach out to supermarket chains to discuss the possible opening of a new location in the Maspeth area. The fact that any potential residential development would require the owners to secure a variance provides "all the more reason" to build a grocery store there and slow the development of condominiums.

These people need to become more in touch with their communities. We have a bunch of elected officials who have no idea what is going on in their districts and are dumb as door nails.

With respect to zoning, Crowley doesn't know what the hell she is talking about because the corner of Tonsor (as well as the rest of that stretch of Metropolitan Avenue) is zoned R6B (with a C2-4 overlay).

The Rite Aid site on Metropolitan Avenue was suggested as a potential location for a school by CEC24. In fact, Elizabeth Crowley was at the meeting when the SCA's Mary Leas talked about the site as one the agency is interested in.

So why are these nimrods misleading their constituents by yammering on about a supermarket?


Anonymous said...

No developer in his right mind would build condos in the area.There is such a glut the developers are trying to rent the unoccupied units,and no one is renting.Look at the condos on the site of the former Neidersten's parking lot...........empty.

Anonymous said...

"So why are these nimrods misleading their constituents by yammering on about a supermarket?"

BECAUSE THEY ARE CLUELESS AND TELL THE VOTERS WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR. The fact that a school will be shoved down their throats with Cleveland a block away means nothing to them. Just as it didn't at the other end of Maspeth.

Artfull Dodd-ger said...

They can be dumb because:

1. the press acts as their mouthpiece

2. the press does nothing to critically look at their performance

3. doddering seniors care about their centers and government programs taylored for their needs, and as they spend most of their lives benefitting from this welfare state, and fully expect the government to satisfy their every whim - and politicans are more than happy to show up and pander - that's about half the voting block right there. They have the time on their hands to vote and dimly remember the era when the public was engaged in the electorial process

4. immigrants are either illegal (don't vote), ready to move somewhere else (don't care to vote) or are beneficiaries of machine politics dating back to the days of Boss Tweed (in the machine's pocket)

So you see, its not really important that these people understand what goes on, or what is good for their community.

No one will criticise them, and if they do, everything will be done to marginalize that person.

The mike will be closed, the reporters will not show up, angry letters to the editor (unless its a clubhouse favored issue like slamming Con Ed or gay marriage) not printed, and a wealth of neighbors (gullible, stupid, or paid off) will sing praises.

In politics, the only qualification is loyalty - you do what you are told by the boss.

Everything else, like common sense and good government will be taken care of for you.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect...a high IQ score from clubhouse hacks?

They're attached to the machine
and expect a long career in politics.

So what need have they to be in touch with their communities?

There's always a high paying patronage job waiting for them in their retirement.

These are the kind of ball players that just sit there and warm a bench.

They never score a hit...let alone step out on the diamond!

DUMP 'EM ALL....once and for all!

Anonymous said...

The gullible voters WANT TO BELIEVE the bullshit the pols keep slinging!

That's the secret of the clubhouse's success!

It's the lackluster character of the average Queens constituent.

Tsk, tsk, tsk...never question your pol's motives or find out who owns him!

That's too much trouble.

So we will continue to see Queens abused by its machine politicians.

Might as well hang a sign on your back:

"Please rape me"!

Anonymous said...

here we go again throwing out shit to make themself sound like they're doing something and have a half a brain. SCA looked at the site watch out another school, which i don't understand when jack ass said not hiring more teachers in another blog.

Anonymous said...

You can reach out to a business to locate to a site, but you can't force them. If it's my property I would do whatever is in the best interest of ME! That's right ME.
IF I think I can rent it to a supermarket I will, if the area needs condos I'll build. What doe's this site like to say, "Don't tread on ME",(ex"Willets Point). So mind your business, plus this article comes from the Tines Weekly. Thanks for the laugh, even my bird wouldn't read that waste a paper.
Have a nice day.

Queens Crapper said...

That's a great attitude, but if the SCA wants to build a school on your property then you're out of luck.

Anonymous said...

Clueless about their neighborhoods and their constituents. Hey, they don't care. As dumb as they are, they are still smart enough to rake in their salaries plus benefits. Lots of perks for so little work. Time to vote all these lazy hacks out. We're stuck with Markey for the time being, but Crowley can have the door hit her on the way out in November. Hey folks, let's make this a reality. DUMP DUMB CROWLEY!

Anonymous said...

Hey , I would welcome a school. I think the area needs one. I'll get cash, and I won't have to worry about managing the property.
It's a WIN WIN.

Anonymous said...


Queens Crapper said...

This site never made an endorsement in the Special Election for Council District 30.

Queens Crapper said...

"Hey , I would welcome a school."

Would you welcome eminent domain?

Anonymous said...

Disinteresed and dumb?

No problem.

So are the voters!

Anonymous said...

That markey broad has the early signs of dementia.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Gill, a spokesperson for Assemblywoman Markey, said that the legislator would reach out to her colleague in the State Assembly.

Where is Markley - she out napping - Spanish seista afternoon with her husband? Doubt that - she is too marm-like and I would run fast away if I were her husband. People: what does Markley do - what events does she even attend - is she alive - why is it it with this Pol that a spokeperson does all the talking?