Thursday, May 7, 2009

Council restricting purchase of etching acid

NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York City Council is cracking down on graffiti that uses etching acid to mark on glass.

The council passed a bill Wednesday that requires anyone buying etching acid to show ID, names and addresses.

The store will keep records for one year. The council says the city will use the information to enforce a law banning minors under 21 from buying etching acid.

Etching acid is often used in graffiti on subway windows, bus shelters and store windows. It cannot be removed and the glass must be replaced.

Photo from the NY Times


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Restrictions like this really work - just look at what a lack of spray paint and marker grafitti there is since they were restricted.


Try actually enforcing the law. These case are thrown out of court with so much as a summons.

How about a bill that allows the PARENTS/GUARDIANS of these animals to be charged with their kids destructive behavior. When mom and dad have to cut a 5 figure check for the damages I bet something changes quick.

It wouldn't hurt to have some good samaritans either. Everyone has a camera nowadays - cell phone, etc... Do some good and snap a photo for police, or at least speak up.

Anonymous said...

If the cops would look out the window of their patrol car once and a while,,maybe these miscreants would get caught.....hey cops, get off the the cell phone,stop texting your friends and leave the gameboys in your home!!!!!!!