Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chuck is pro-NY syrup


New York ’s senior U.S. senator, Charles Schumer, has asked IHOP to stock New York-made maple syrup in all of its 44 locations in the state, a call prompted by the pancake chain’s recent commitment to use Vermont syrup in its (for now lone) restaurant in the Green Mountain State.

In a letter to IHOP CEO Julia Stewart, Schumer wrote:

"I believe that replicating this option in New York with New York’s own maple syrup will be both a delicious option for customers as well as a boon to the State’s maple tapping industry."

No word as to whether Chuck is entering the Mrs. Buttersworth contest...

Graphic by mac johnson


Anonymous said...

I didn't know IHOP still served real maple syrup, from any state. I thought it was all imitation, made with corn syrup and flavoring.

Anonymous said...

Of all the serious issues in New York to deal with, this smarmy sweetie
picks maple syrup as his cause celebre!

He's beginning to sound a lot like our doofus mayor with his eccentric pet preoccupations.

Go home Chuck and stay indoors until your mamma says your "time-out" is over!

Anonymous said...

F--k dat shit!

I bring a bottle of my own 100% pure Canadian maple syrup with me whenever I go into IHOP !

And they can try to charge me a "syrup fee" if they dare!

linda said...

wow he has nothing better to do with his time? now we are demanding that the syrup is NYS only, please. can't stand ihop anyway the wait is outrageous, i'll keep to the local restaurants thank you.

Wade Nichols said...

Hmmm.....When Schumer has his seder dinner at Passover, do you think he drinks a wine made in New York State?

And don't try and tell me, "Oh, but the wine has to be kosher!"

Made on Long Island, and it's kosher:

Anonymous said...

If he is so concerned about syrup, maybe he should look into why the NYPD is purchasing foreign cars as police vehicles. Way to help GM, Ford, and Chrysler. How is this going unnoticed?

CJ said...

Nothing but the best of representation for us here in New York State.

Most dangerous place to be...
in between Schumer and a TV camera.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie should do the math - Ihop serves corn syrup because it's really cheap because NY, VT and Canadian maple is prohibitively expensive, Ihop would lose money on each breakfast they served real maple syrup.

Chuckie wants to promote and build up maple syrup industry in NYS which is a good thing but IHop is not the answer to doing it. It sort of like McDonalds serving Filet Mignon in place of a quarter pounder price - economics dictate the feasability of doing this - it's insane!!

PizzaBagel said...

Right on, CJ! (I think that quote is from Bob Dole.) Schumer is the biggest publicity-hog going. Just about every day I see him on the news or in the papers, often with multiple issues. Every day it's something else with him. If he's working on all of them, he would have to be spreading himself awfully thin. Don't believe that he's the hardest-working guy in Washington. He just has the most intensive PR machine.