Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sergey examines Willets Point's move to College Point

Point to Point from Sergey Kadinsky on Vimeo.


georgetheatheist said...

Luv dat Dan Sambucci: "We sell da erl to da erl company."

It don't get bedder den dat!

Nice work Sergey.

Anonymous said...

Dont move these businesses into residential neighborhoods (college point and whitestone) it is not fair to the locals and will turn these neighborhoods into dumps . leave willets point alone

Queens Crapper said...

I love Danny Sambucci, but he reminds me of an Uncle Louie rather than a Danny.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

Thanks for the comments.

Sambucci is making quite an effort at keeping clean. In his newspaper ads, Sambucci uses terms like "green" and "recycling."

His goal is to keep his business alive. Feeling that the city will ultimately succeed, he agreed to relocate. Prof. Cervino agrees that Sambucci is a clean business. Every drop of oil, nut, and bolt, is recycled.

As for his accent, it is a New York treasure. You couldn't imitate it if you tried!

Anonymous said...

sambucci is funny trying to be GREEN? recycling pitch, lmao who are we kidding he told the stupid mayor and community don't fuck with my family! noticed he was offered a relocation quickly.. gotta luv the guy :)