Monday, May 18, 2009

City not cleaning up oil spill at Flushing Airport

From the Times Ledger:

College Point marine pathologist James Cervino said he was alerted to a potential oil spill in the abandoned Flushing Airport site near the corner of 23rd Avenue and 130th Street, where Triumph Paving Co. has been conducting road grading work.

When he arrived, Cervino found a goulash of oil and “horrible smelling” chemicals bubbling up from the ground where road crews were digging.

But while Cervino said the presence of such toxins is no surprise at the site, which has been the frequent victim of illegal dumping since Flushing Airport was closed in the 1980s, he said the city has not done its due diligence in cleaning up such hot spots as they are found.

“It seems like they are just screening the soil, shaking it, tossing it to the side and moving forward with their work,” he said. “No one blames the city for the conditions down there. It’s widely known that this stuff is there. I just don’t want it to be ignored.”

Cervino alerted the state Department of Environmental Conservation of the spill last week.

More of Bloomberg's "green" NYC!


Anonymous said...

Call in the Sanitation police.

work4nyc said...

this is a DEC issue

Queens Crapper said...

Now it is because the scientist called them.

Anonymous said...

nasty and they should be ashamed. where's the mayor on this about going green..

just another b.s from our mayor

Anonymous said...

Green is your face after you've listened to his commercials and seen him in shirtsleeves pretending to be one of the people once too often.

majicgas said...

I do not know who the over-paid morons are who said it would lesson the tie up but obviously they haven't seen how College Point Ave became a nightmare when they opened up 20th Ave. There was a time when it took 1-2 min to hit the Cross Island from 5 Corners. Now a Rich piece of crap wants to over-develop
at the cost of College Pointers Again
by bringing in Tractor Trailers cutting out street parking for swing around turns because the Pre-madonna-drivers don't want to move the rear tandoms of their trailers or are too stupid to know. But send in the Traffic Slugs-in the night to go for expired inspection stickers yet just bury the toxins for you kids and their kids.. Thanks for a greener NYC BUMBERG