Monday, May 18, 2009

Parks Dept euthanizes Mr. Oystercatcher

I am sure you remember the post about Dubos Point Wildlife Sanctuary that was on this site not too long ago. In it, I mentioned that Mr. Oystercatcher left a plea for help on the Parks Dept's website via a postcard requesting that readers contact Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski to ask that she clean up his habitat.

Well not only was Mr. Oystercatcher's request deleted, but so was the entire "send a postcard" feature. Damn, Dottie sure is sensitive (as well as unqualified)... But hey - the Google cache doesn't lie!


Taxpayer said...

I'm not all that certain that Lewandowski is all that sensitive.

She's not sensitive about impersonating a police officer.

When two folks were attempting to park at a legal spot on the street so they could attend an event to discuss the Parks Department's plans for the destruction of the Ridgewood Reservoir, Lewandowski, stepped into the legal spot, flashed her Parks Department badge and ordered the folks to move on.

Probably, she knew the two opposed the destruction and tried to keep them away from the event - she did learn something from Parvizi the terrorist, ya know!

Try to flash a badge, pretending to be a cop, and you've committed the felony of Impersonating a Police Officer.

Oh! Wait! This badge flasher works for the Commissar. Since screwing the police is a sport for the Commissar and his lickspittles, impersonating an officer is just one of the plays.

Want this felon removed?

Dump the Commissar on November 3 so he can go back to Boston and impersonate a human being.

Use November 3 to take control of this city!

Anonymous said...

For a great example of what not to do to Parks - go to RANDALL ISLAND to see an up close lesson in how to destroy a Park to such a degree that will scare neighborhoods to get behind each of their parks of their neighborhoods.

Go see the folks in the Bronx about their vanished park that the new Yankee Staduim was built upon. Another park was to have been built elsewhere to replace it with. Where is it? No money I hear?

Parkslady said...

Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski is a tyrant. Anyone who has any dealings with her in Queens Parks can see that. So many people have quit or requested transfers because they can't take being harassed and disrespected on a daily basis. I love my job but I can't take her.

Anonymous said...

Lewandowski is an outright liar and her employees will let you know. There have been issues where they have given her up immediately. Can't wait for it to come out.