Sunday, May 3, 2009

5 Willets Pt biz moving to College Pt - but no more

From Iron Triangle Tracker:

The city formally told Community Board 7 Monday it will not move businesses from Willets Point to the vacant Flushing Airport site, a move property owners call “discriminatory.”

As reported earlier this week, the Economic Development Corp. struck a compromise with CB 7 leadership on its future plans for the College Point Corporate Park, which includes the former airport.

The city not only agreed to permanently protect 8 acres of the 25-acre Flushing Airport site from any major development, but also added a stipulation that no Willets Point businesses would be moved to the remaining 17 acres in the future.


Anonymous said...

And there ya have it. CB#7 gets 1/3 of what it wanted and declares victory!!!?!?!?!?

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, the stupidity of this did not escape me. That's our Chuckie!

Anonymous said...

discrimination at its best. the city looks to destroy any hope of these people, leiber its in your hands now

Anonymous said...

This whole thing reeks like the Flushing River. Wait a minute. Wasn't a lot of our tax money spent to fix that problem? What happened? The EDC has no clue. Just build build build. The heck with the impact of development on future generations! Let the community have 100% of the usable Flushing Airport property for heaven's sakes.