Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mayor's gray matter is lacking

From Room Eight:

It's not just this year's proposed sales tax increase. Or last year's sales tax increase.

Or trying to take away the $400 property tax rebate.

Or the MTA's fare increases and massive service cuts.

Or the proposed East River crossing tolls and the "regional mobility tax" to further support a bankrupt MTA.

Or the water bill increase.

Or the Con Ed increase. (They do a heckuva job!)

Or Time Warner's recent attempt to price gouge its customers.

Or New York State's new "millionaires' tax" and other taxes.

Or the federal government's coming tax increases.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

In a terrible economy, New York City is adding KILLER new taxes to all of its citizens. While also cutting services.



Kevin Walsh said...

The power of the incumbency. He knows he will not be voted out because we are sheep.

BTW I wish Blogger had a 'remember me' feature.

Anonymous said...

I am a wolf in sheep's clothing and I will not vote for that "blooming idiot of a mayor" and I will speak and convince everyone I talk to not to vote for him too. He will not be re-elected and we will have a new mayor come november. Bye bye bloomberg, you are on your way out! spend your millions on your ads, it wont help.
We know you suck and your pompass attitude will no longer be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

the troll will be sent packing soon.

Tony C said...

Bloomberg going? and just when he has mastered the Spanish language...

italian girl said...

"and just when he has mastered the Spanish language..."


Linda said...

I can't stand seeing bloomberg's face everywhere! now i get annoyed with his face on facebook. Why????????? is he out to make us mental.......

Anonymous said...

Voters are dumb...they'll re-elect the turd for a third!

Just hand over your democracy, you boobs, because Bloomberg asked you to.

This 3rd term election is ILLEGAL !

It should have gone to a referendum....I don't care which judge or law department said what!

Missing Foundation said...

Voters are dumb...they'll re-elect the turd for a third!

Voters are not dumb, but like people in Queens, (when it comes to preservation issues), are kept barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen, and don't know anything different.

He will get reelected only if you continue to let him operate unopposed in a vacuum.

YOU, not some hero, has to strip him of his eggshell.

IF you really are to be believed (as opposed to a whining child - which is what he thinks of you) - you will take those steps needed to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

The Ceiling on Your Head party supports Bloomberg's fight against the high cost of living in New York City. We believe that when your ceiling hits you in the head, you will no longer have to worry about the cost of living.

Remember Ceiling on your head stands for dropped ceilings, not drop ceilings. Don't settle for foam tiles when you can have the real 100lb McCoy hit you in the head.

PizzaBagel said...

All around, less bang for more buck.

And it's not just the power of the incumbency. It's also the power to shamelessly outspend his mayoral opponents. (Yes it's hard to believe, but he's not the only one running for mayor.) There ought to be a law against that, even if it is his own money.

Did anybody read Errol Louis' op-ed piece in today's Daily News about how Bloomie is going out of his way to avoid debating the other mayoral candidates (Bill Thompson and Tony Avella)? It's been noted on this blog recently, and Louis stated the points well. Hopefully with his wider audience, it will wake up more of the populace. They can't all be sheep.

ABB: Anybody But Bloomberg!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, the global economy is ill. National taxes are up, state taxes are up, utilities are charging more, a pound of flour is more expensive, I didn't win the mega millions, my old shoes have a hole in them, and my downstairs neighbor won't shut off their freaking bass-heavy tunez.

Everything must be that guy's fault.

Queens Crapper said...

No, the point is that all those things are happening and Blooberg decides it's a good time to both raise taxes and cut services drastically. Yes, that is that guy's fault. Besides as a financial genius he should have known all this was coming and prepared the city better instead of focusing on handing out developer tax breaks.

Missking Foundation said...

The outspending issue is an excuse. Many candidates ran for office spending tons of money - their money - and got nowhere.

The latest example is Romney when he ran for president.

No folks, if you are lazy, it will provide you an excuse.

But if you really care about your community, you will actively talk to your neighbors and fellow workers.

Like termites can fell a great wooden bridge, a thousand 'little people' if they are focused can bring down a tyrant.

Anonymous said...

"No, the point is that all those things are happening and Blooberg decides it's a good time to both raise taxes and cut services drastically."

Look, if he decided to lower taxes and keep spending you'd rake him over the coals for financial recklessness. I'm no Bloomberg lover myself, but it seems like you'll criticize no matter what the guy does.

"Besides as a financial genius he should have known all this was coming"

Again, I'm not a Bloomberg fan per se. But none of our "financial geniuses" saw this coming. At least none in public office. So he's not unique in that respect. Did your preferred Mayoral candidate see the financial collapse coming?

Anonymous said...

He was the one touting his financial experience as for why he deserves a third term. It seems he messed up in that regard in his second term. I love how he was saying no to communities, claiming the City had to save money for the bad times coming. Then they came and he's spinning his wheels not knowing what to do next. His financial plan consisted of giving tax breaks and city land to developers and screwing over the taxpayers to make the City a playground for tourists. Now tourism is dismal and developers are bankrupt. So maybe the focus should have been somewhere else. A self made billionaire should have led us better over these past 8 years. No excuses.

Anonymous said...

"Missing foundation" sounds like a screw is missing somewhere.

Get focused....nobody in hell can follow your obtuse reasoning.

Express yourself clearly and cite specific details instead of rambling on with your loose messages that usually lead to nowhere.

Missing said...


shaken in my boots