Friday, October 17, 2008

Most New Yorkers still want term limits

Interesting analysis via Daily News' political blog:

Crain's Insider boiled down Laufer's hypothesis this morning thusly:

"The state's Municipal Home Rule Law requires a referendum to change the composition of a legislative body...The clause didn't come up in the Council's 2003 tweak of term limits but did spur the 1996 referendum for a third term."

"Lauder says the clause could lead the courts to reject an extension for the Council, but uphold one for the mayor comptroller, public advocate and borough presidents."

They also report that Tom Golisano will replace Ronald Lauder as the anti-term limit change billionaire.

Oh, and the Bloomberg administration stacked up speakers at the hearing. And they've been making lots of phone calls.

And the above poll was conducted by NY1 and Baruch College and shows that the voters like things the way they are and believe they should be the ones to decide on any changes.


Anonymous said...

Charles Barron was the only one to voice opposition to this illegal push while Vallone scolded Barron and Bloomies stooges defended his chutzpah(throwing money there way)and yelled for there yamika brother of "democracy".
You"ve had 8 years and that was enough.No more short selling of stocks and shady wall st games bloomie.Go away.

Anonymous said...

Picked as a ranom example:

I just heard that the "DOE FUND" defended "hizzoner's" position.

I wonder how many of Bloomberg's
$$$$$$ they receive in funding!

That's how Der Fuhrer keeps his little advocates in line.

"You've been a good little boy. Here's an extra chocolate chip cookie for you"!

Taxpayer said...

Imagine the Dear Leader of North Korea. Got the picture? Potbelly in his fake military tunic? Short, squat little moron?

Now. More imagining. See any difference between Dear Leader and the Short, turtle-faced, tiny footed, tantrum-throwing moron here in NYC?

With that image in mind? Do we need this Titan of Commerce for four more years? For four more minutes?

italian girl said...

Kudos to the little girl at the end. You did an excellent job! You have more sense than the mayor.

Anonymous said...

The Doe Fund is well taken care of by Mayor Michael B. Angry. The city actually gave them a building, outright, among other things. I was disheartened to see that so many agencies felt they had to sign up to speak in order to pay back the largesse that is really our money.

I thank NY1 for running the proceedings. I was very impressed with Richard Emery, who gave a most eloquent opposing argument,around 6-6:30 last night.

Was one guy sleeping, while another member was clearly surfing the web on his laptop? Politrix!

Anonymous said...

Der Fuhrer bought his office, buys
his allegiance and is attempting to make a final payment to buy out democracy!

If that rat bastard gets a 3rd term
then the deed to NYC has been hand delivered to its new ruling monarch!


Anonymous said...

The Vallone family business (besides law) is politics beginning with Charlie "the judge" on down to Don Pete "junior"!

They swing and sway with whatever
keeps them in their seats of power like weather vanes spinning in the wind!

These aren't leaders...they're followers who'll never make waves
or rock the boat!

Include them among the spineless who sit on their hands in the stands refusing to stand up for democracy!


Anonymous said...

How does one get a federal investigation started???

Alan said...

I just watched a report on today's hearings on WABC-TV. They showed protesters holding up a banner that read, "Bloomberg to Democracy...Drop Dead" and were quickly escorted out but not before the committee chair exclaimed, "Go take your banners to the Willets Point meeting!" Isn't it interesting how this elected official equated the two? I'm just saying...

By the way, our smiling borough president was in the front row with the rest of the bottom feeding county chiefs. Does anyone know who is writing the script for this affront to our rights and collective tax funds? I would like to see an unbiased review of these tactics, as many others have suggested.

Anonymous said...

i say let the bum run and watch him lose. most regular people hate his guts.

here that mikey, you could LOSE! you wouldn't want THAT to be your legacy.

Anonymous said...

For a man running for office Why isn't Addabbo listening to what the people have to say. It is funny that he is not visible at the hearings. HMMM paid over $100,000 to not have to sit through a serious council hearing. Why is he exempt.

Anonymous said...

that pink pervert is in the building

Anonymous said...

Ive listened to most of the hearings on the WBAI and cant believe so many people make some strange logic that democracy is allowing 3 terms??The chairman is the biggest little stooge for bloomies arrogant illegal brainwashing of the officials with cash on a string for their neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you young smart girl.Why are people arrested for protesting numerous things the past 8 years but he manipulates to break the law.Bet the chairman thought that was cute.

Anonymous said...

Obama made a funny little jab at bloombergs illegal 3rd term grab during the Waldorf Astoria dinner.Lets roast bloomie some more because he needs reminding of his many forceful actions.

Anonymous said...

"We applaud Council members David Weprin, John Liu, Eric Gioia, Tony Avella, Anthony Como, Joe Addabbo and Jim Gennaro and their like-minded colleagues throughout the City for standing up to the corrupt plans of the Mayor and Speaker who seek to steal power from the very people who granted it to them."

Anonymous said...

previous excerpt from Queens Tribune

Anonymous said...

Simcha you make me sicka.

LJ said...

I testified on the term limits extension last Thursday and I happen to be a Doe Fund employee. Since when does that fact disqualify me from participating in my city government just as hundreds of other New Yorkers did?

I resent the implication by several of your commenters that I was paid or coerced to be there. That is completely false; I went on my own time, after work, to express my personal opinions.

Other blogs and news sites, such as Adam Lisberg at the NY Daily News, are even worse, talking about "average workers" at The Doe Fund being "bused" in. That's just an example, but many of these comments smack of racism.

If any of your readers want to see what this organization is really about, take a look at the following videos: