Friday, October 24, 2008

What happened behind closed doors


italian girl said...

How does she show her face around town?

Anonymous said...

Usually, I dislike Sean Delonas' cartoons, but this one is just right.

Taxpayer said...

Now, this is what true love is all about!

The others probably are asking: "where else have those lips been?"

italian girl said...

'The others probably are asking: "where else have those lips been?"'

You had to give me that image right after lunch?

Taxpayer, I'm literally nauseus.

Anonymous said...

And for her to put her lips on a man ... it just shows you what greed can (or will) make a person do.

Taxpayer said...

Italian Girl asked:
"How does she show her face around town?"

She's actually figured that if she keeps it stuck up in the Commissar's welcoming anus (the only gracious welcome he knows), nobody will see it anyway, so she has nothing to be ashamed about.

Anyway, she knows how ugly she is when her face is free of a man's rectum.

Mr. Angry said...

Hey is that lipstick on a pig?!

jerry rotondi said...

Oink, oink, oink!

Now doesn't Speaker Quinn look like
a plump little piggy with her Cupid's bow lips all pursed and ready!

Anonymous said...


Right on the money
just like Thomas Nast's
depiction of the old
Boss Tweed days!

How little has changed!