Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did Como make a deal with the devil?

From today's Post:

Sources said three council members, Jessica Lappin, Michael McMahon and Anthony Como, were given the green light by the mayor and Quinn to vote down the mayor's bill as long as they vote against the amendment.

Como and McMahon did not return calls for comment.

And from the News:

Opponents of Mayor Bloomberg's term limits extension bill are prevailing on billionaire Tom Golisano to target the double negative Council members - that is to say, those who plan to vote "no" on the referendum amendment and "no" on the mayor's bill - who are on the ballot in the Nov. 4 election.

In the cross hairs are Councilman Anthony Como, a Queens Republican who is seeking re-election to the seat he won in a June special election, and Councilman Mike McMahon, a Staten Island Democrat who is running for the seat being vacated by Rep. Vito Fossella.

"The idea is that residents of the district will understand that these candidates perpetrated a sham on the people by pretending to be on the side of the public but actually voting in such a way that allowed the mayor to get what he wants," said a source familiar with the ask made of Golisano.

"It's still being worked out, but it would be mail and TV in the districts over the next 10 days. The conversations took place yesterday. Six figures in a congressional or Council district is a lot."


Anonymous said...

Vote Como out. We've had enough deal making in Queens. Vote for Elizabeth Crowley.

Wade Nichols said...

Me and the Devil Blues

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Anonymous said...

"Councilman Anthony Como of Queens said it would cost $15 million to hold a special election “and we know what the answer is going to be.” Mr. Como urged his colleagues to vote no on both the amendment and the underlying bill."

From the NY Times.

Taxpayer said...

What an obedient, well trained lickspittle this Como thug is.

He asks for and gets "permission" on how to vote on a bill.

Does he ask the taxpaying constituents of Council District 30? It would never occur to this moron to ask for the voters' permission; the voters already said "no" twice.

So, he asks permission from the ones certain to say "yes".

The largest beneficiaries of the bill certainly give permission to the well trained seal. Clap twice and catch the fish, tubby.

You have shown your stuff now. Big Cannoli, move aside for your replacement: Elizabeth Crowley.

Anonymous said...

29 - 22 .. APPROVED>.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Elizabeth Crowley. Como should have asked me how to vote on term limits. Looks like he will not serve his constituents well. He will only serve himself. Time to flush the toilet on Anthony. I'm voting for Liz!

Anonymous said...

Como voted NO! Katz voted "yes" "WE all know" how Crowley would have voted - right? she would have done what the machine told her to do! Como voted NO! Even when someone does something right - you all take them apart!

Anonymous said...

looks like he crappy crew loses another battle.. Willets Point is next.

Anonymous said...

Como votes NO. Looks like he actually listened to the people here in the 30th. Its a start I guess...

kingofnewyorkcabbies said...

Bloomberg To Democracy: Drop Dead!

Anonymous said...


ComptrollerSpokesGuy said...

New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. issued the following statement today following a vote by the New York City Council on term limits:

Today’s vote is an affront to New Yorkers. It says that their votes and their voice do not matter, that bullying and heavy-handed threats are more powerful than democratic ideals.

I am saddened that our Mayor and majority of City Council members have put individuals before principles. Today our government chose to empower itself rather than the people it serves.

Despite the rising tide of opposition to a Council vote, and in the face of a public poll that showed nearly 90 percent of New Yorkers wanting the issue put to a voter referendum, our City Council decided to turn its back and close its mind. This is a sad day for New York.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the peoples voice is their vote for their elected officials

This is a representative Democracy

If you dont like it move to California.

The people have the power to vote for whomever they want now. More choice is a good thing.

Christine Quinn Is A Vile Fucking Whore said...

Maybe if Tony Como backed off the hot dogs and gave some money back it'd be a little, JUST a little less than $15 million.

And how much did this witless fat fuck vote to give the Yankees, the Mets, etc?

New York City is now, finally and always, the biggest goddam hick town in the world.

Anyone who's not ashamed never deserved to be here in the first place, including the five foot nothing billionaire fuck BUYING these scumbags.

Anonymous said...

go live someplace else if you feel that way

We don't need your low class hateful speech

Anonymous said...

If those council members who voted to overturn term limits honestly believe that only Bloomberg's financial expertise can save the city - and that's a very big 'if' - then I'd like to see them have the balls to not run for 3rd terms themselves. Only then would I believe that they had the city's best interests in mind. Nor should they accept appointments in a third Bloomberg administration. (That's the rumor going around, that Quinn has been promised a Deputy Mayor position.)

Anonymous said...

When everyone comes up for election next year, vote them all out. That is the only way your voice can be heard. Shame on Christine Quinn for selling out to the highest bidder (Bloomberg). She will always be known as Christine Slush Fund.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Como's decision to vote NO remained unchanged. He said it would be a waste of $15 million to put the referendum on the ballot. Who would show to vote for this in May? Another expense of the taxpayers.
We've already told them how we feel on this twice before.
Despite what Dizzy blared into my ears very early one Saturday morning. Wrong again!!!!
He's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

If Como and pals had voted yes to the amendment, then we wouldn't have had this happen. But this was calculated by Como, Gallagher, the Mayor and Quinn. Thanks a lot, fat boy!

Anonymous said...

The Post reported this morning that Como and McMahon were "given the green light" by Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office to vote "no" on the mayor's bill as long as they voted the same way on the amendment.

The fix was in, Como helped defeat the referendum to put the term limits vote to the people.

This guy is running on the integrity theme? He thinks the voters are stupid. Goodbye Anthony.

Anonymous said...

Seems like its time to get rid of a millionaire, eh Wade?

Mike said...

Como stood by his vote and said no to the mayor. The real sham is Councilman Yasky and Gershon who introduced the referendum amendment and then voted yes to support the mayor. Talk about having your cake and eat it too! If 4 more councilmembers had the balls to stand up to the mayor like Como did the extension of term limits would have been defeated

Anonymous said...

And if Woody had went to the police none of this would have happened

If IF iF is the words of a sore loser

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg sheep said: go live someplace else if you feel that way(dream on kid)
We don't need your low class hateful speech?(Wonder how you talk about people governing that try to obey the law that cant buy there way to get everything)
We dont need your ignorant favortism for someone you dont even know is the most secretive mayor in NYC history which is hard to believe but true.This little spoiled tyrant gets his way behind closed doors extorting people.What a little Berlusconi wanna be that hasnt fixed any financial crisis yet.Nice Orwelian speak there mayor about "democracy".You will regret your move to ram this through because it looks like a banana republic.High class twit wannabee bloomie makes Mussolini blush.

jerry rotondi said...


those council members who betrayed
New York and scuttled democracy in favor of an oligarchy of billionaires!

Cast them out of office
when you cast your votes!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Bloomberg boosters are into short sound bites this morning lacking the word skills to weave longer sentences!

Anonymous said...

A box of cannolis from Ferrara
is purported to have been Tony's sell-out price!

Cappo di cazzo stronzo!

Anonymous said...

Judging by the smile on his face,
one of those cannolis must be up his ass...that fat finocchio!

Taxpayer said...

*** "The people have the power to vote for whomever they want now. More choice is a good thing."

Not really. The cowards upped the same limit up from 2 to 3 terms. According to you, then you will have no choice after that.

*** Mike said...

"Como stood by his vote and said no to the mayor."

Actually, he didn't say "NO" to the mayor. He asked permission FROM the mayor and Quinn to vote "NO". What would his story be today is permission had been denied? He, the cannoli leftover, would have voted "YES". This fat, lazy, cowardly traitor is a well trained, obedient lickspittle lackey.

Bloomberg sized him up (with a gigantic tape measure), bought him, then set him aside for later sale. Fatso, you're a joke. Not a funny one either.

Liz, push this lout out of the district.

Anonymous said...

You didn't fool anybody voted against us!

Nice try, but you've been exposed for the backroom dealer hack that you are.

Anonymous said...

So Como votes no, and you geniuses are ranting because he voted no, even though you wanted him to vote no. And you wonder why you are all laughingstocks.

Queens Crapper said...

He made a deal to vote no so long as he voted no on the referendum amendment. He might as well have voted yes. He thinks he has his ass covered. But the papers and the people see through him like cellophane. I am glad the Brooklyn Optimist took notice as well.

Anonymous said...

This is very simple, folks. "The Senator," as Como calls him, is benefiting from Turtle-face's generosity in the upcoming election and therefore Como needs to kiss some Turtle-tail to make everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

Please stop putting that fat fucks face on your site.

Anonymous said...

His face sure beats
seeing his fat ass here!

Pity the toilet bowl
that has to take that kind of abuse!

Anonymous said...

Vote Como out now, then vote Crowley out next November, and then we finally have a chance of getting a non politician into the council. Out with the career politicians.