Friday, October 17, 2008

Two delayed projects back on

Building of the long delayed Flushing Commons project is about to get underway.

And in Far Rockaway, another long delayed project - a YMCA - will break ground next month.


Lino said...

"....when the local YMCA did not want to relocate there."

Does this mean that the current "Y" on Northern will be "redeveloped"?

"....current parking rates at the municipal lot are highly subsidized and that new prices will be capped for the first two years of operation at Flushing Commons."

Oh boy.

I live in Manhattan land of the $900/mo garage.

I go out there once a month and enjoy the open area while waiting for the #13 to Bell Blvd.

I have noticed that Northern blvd is slowly building-up, not as extreme as where I live, near Central Park but give it another 10-15 years.

This city just can't whore itself enough to developers.

L R Tristan

miles mullin said...

There is going to be a big push to get this stuff going before the crap hits the fan.

Delay! Delay! Delay!

Do whatever you can do. Every chance you get put sand in the machine's gears!

In this economy, each day lost makes 'em howl. They lose $ big time.

Anonymous said...

Like Flushing isn't already overdeveloped. Leave it alone! It's just making way for another Asian Invasion. I'm sure any businesses to open there will have signs I can't read, and not welcome my round eyes as a customer.

Anonymous said...

There have been 3 years of delay, during which TDC reneged on its promises, prompting Councilman Liu to say of TDC: "The developer seems to think it doesn't need to deliver on the promises it made two years ago. That's at best a woeful miscalculation and at worst just pure greed."

Now, TDC happens to be a "finalist" in the most recent RFP for Willets Point -- a far bigger project than Municipal Lot One. In case the Council approves Willets Point, TDC now is scrambling to try to erase the effects of 3 years of delay and broken promises, and thereby save face, so that the Economic Development Corporation can select TDC as the developer of Willets Point without negative comments frm the public. But to select TDC as the developer of Willets Point given its bad faith with Queens concerning the small parking lot development is unconscionable.