Saturday, October 18, 2008



A Queens high-school senior whose iPhone was snatched from his locker got it back after he spotted it for sale on Craigslist, and the alleged seller was arrested.

The 16-year-old suspect allegedly grabbed the high-tech gadget from the locker of the 17-year-old at Long Island City HS on Oct. 8, authorities said.

The next day, the victim found an iPhone matching his for sale on the popular Internet classified-ad Web site and arranged a meeting with the guy who posted the ad.

The suspect was charged with criminal possession of stolen property.


Taxpayer said...

Any simple-minded defense attorney will get the 16-year old thief acquitted.


Easy. The thug was on a lass project to see how a politician behaves.

This time he was practicing eminent domain: He seized private property from the original owner, and was in the process of transferring it to another private entity based on the highest bid.

The budding politician got his cash; the second-hand thief got property for a low price; the store made full profit for the product twice, because the original owner needed to replace the stolen property.

The defense case will be a snap: the great young budding politician was plying his trade, and the economy was bolstered.

On top of it all, the original IPhone had been "blighted" from use, so a new IPhone was an improvement.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I lost interest after the first sentence.

Anonymous said...

Idiot selling it likley called him from it. You can unlock the phone, Rewtite firmware but several certain codes the radio TX-RX unit transmits will remain the same.
(Sorry no more details)

The Apple Phone like the Blackjack II, G3s are also mobile to mobile GPS traceable within 20 feet no matter what you try to disable.
___F*** dummys !