Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hillary will stay home from now on

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton puts the chances of her running for president again at near zero -- slightly higher than the chances she gives for becoming Senate majority leader or a Supreme Court justice.

Sen. Clinton tells FOX: I'm not running for president again


italian girl said...

Not running again? Look who she revealed that info to: Fox!

I'll believe it when she tells CNN or MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe her.

She is a pol.

CJ said...

She also said the she was not running for president when she was running for reelection to the US Senate.
Her chances are almost nonexistant with an Obama win, but he has to win first.

Anonymous said...

how about...New York State Governor Clinton. That has a nice ring.

Anonymous said...

that actually does have a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Best Gov we ever had was a Clinton,
so Hil would be a nice follow up.

Anonymous said...

She is an opportunist carpetbagger that represents the worst in politics. While running for office she all but ignored us.

me me me me or I I I

Listen to her speaches.

The best we can do is hound her out of politics and send a message that we do not want people like her.

Now I want to her more about her 'ahem' personal assitant.

Anonymous said...

let's hope pres. barack hussien obama puts her up for the us supreme court - i'd love to see what a full scale FBI investgiation would uncover - rememeber that alone was enough to keep mario cuomo off the federal bench.

georgetheatheist said...

Yeah, who were the wiseguys that pushed Cuomo's father-in-law, Raffa, down the flight of supermarket stairs? Will we ever know?

Anonymous said...

She'll become hubby Bill's social director and arrange his next "date'.

Whoops...scratch Monica's name from the available list.

Anonymous said...

Is she still
connected to the Rose Law Firm?

What was the Clinton's cut of the drug trade that ran through Arkansas?

Maybe Vince Foster knew!

Anonymous said...

Now I want to her more about her 'ahem' personal assitant.

You mean "Little" Weiner's 'ahem' girlfriend?