Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stairway to heaven in Ridgewood

59-42 Menahan Street in Ridgewood. Formerly a vacant lot. Now a piece of Queens Crap that's taller than the rest of the block and with the added bonus of a "stairway to heaven" out front. (Must be fun after an ice storm.)


Anonymous said...

Is it a tri level on the ground floor in the basement?Yes exactly as you pointed out, have fun with the winter or rain seasons with those super stairs.Its like a extended, over the top construction joke played on ...well somebody.

rick said...

Wow. Seven toilets in that place. What do those people eat, White Castle and Arby's only?

italian girl said...

I really think 20 years from now these awful buildings will be known as the Bloomie buildings. He'll be dead and buried and we'll still be looking at these eyesores.

Anonymous said...

How does this happen. We should make the next mayoral election about the DOB. You want my vote, overhaul the DOB. It is broken down and corrupt and people are losing their lives because of it.

The DOB is ruining the quallity of life in neigborhoods. Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg! All he cares about is squeezing more New Yorkers into this city regardless of the safety issue.

Anonymous said...

because most people don't give a rat's a@# what the dob does until it impacts them personally. and even then, most will not commit any time to fighting the city because they know all too well there's no use.

-Joe said...

White Castle and Arby's

LOL I dont thik there are any in Ridgewood.
Thats likley a rental Barracks for Polish or Slavic's.
I quite shocked at whats happened to Ridgewood with the Hispanic and Eurpean invasion.

Its sad---you see a whole block of nice original houses with collumed porches. Then some Asian buys a house cuts it all up waught iron gates and all and put blond brick.
Thats how my familys 1920Stire house on Seneca (1060)ended up.

They removed the whole wraught iron gate globes and all replaced it with a blond brick castle like wall bricking over the sandstone steps and painted the door and frame white. Removed both 1st and 2nd floor rear porches and and replaced with an extention

It sticks out like a sore thumb and makes the whole block look like hell.
All the London Plane trees were poisened as well.

These new people realy suck ! They dont want to work, dont want to sweep, sweep just pack 7 familys into a 2 family and collect 10 grand a month.

Anonymous said...

"Thats how my familys 1920Stire house on Seneca (1060)ended up."

Shouldn't have sold it to them then. Should have held out for the right family instead of the right $$$ amount...

panzer65 said...

Perhaps they were thinking they were building "The Great Wall".