Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DOB investigates illegal apartments at fire site

The Department of Buildings is investigating whether the site of Sunday's deadly fire in Brooklyn was illegally converted to add more apartments.

City law requires buildings with multiple apartments to have smoke detectors in hallways and other common areas.

But fire marshals say the apartment on Hancock Street in Bushwick where 12-year-old Simeon Frasier and his uncle Sean Monderson died had no smoke detectors.

Building Dept. Investigates Brooklyn Fire Site


Anonymous said...

I will never forget attending a community board meeting,back in the day,graced by claire schulman's presence.
A FDNY captain asked about some law enforcement in regard to illegal conversions...and understand that this was before we were swamped by illegals.
Schulman tells him--"they're serving a need as apartments are scarce."
.......only in ny would you get such a bs reply.

Anonymous said...

(Uncontrollably laughing) DOB?

That ain't gonna help much.

Tommy Huang once had an FDNY fire marshal on his pad.

I forgot his name.

Anyone out there remember it?

The fix is in!

Anonymous said...

So "apartments are scarce"?

Let that Bovine bitch Shulman
take some of these guys into her Robinwood home if she cares so much!

Put that cud chewing cow out to pasture already instead of providing her with a fat paying patronage job
as the Willets Point Directoress!

panzer65 said...

If apartments are scarce,why does everyone want to live here?

Anonymous said...

If apartments are scarce,why does everyone want to live here?

because its better than back home.

Yup, that is now our bar of competition. A 3rd world shithole.