Sunday, October 19, 2008

Democracy Quiz

Let’s begin with a civics quiz.

Of the following political figures, whose actions have shown a true belief in the concept that the people, not the politicians, should decide an issue as fundamental as term limits for government leaders? Is it (a) Michael R. Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, (b) Christine C. Quinn, New York’s City Council speaker, or (c) Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s president?

What’s the Matter at City Hall: Democracy, the Voice of the People and All That


Anonymous said...

At least the poor in the Bronx get cheep heating oil from Chavez.

All are dictators

Anonymous said...

Chavez is not a dictator goof ball.It will take years to correct the dictators that have been installed in that country just like Pinochet in Chile by Nixon and the CIA.Pinochet tortures, Chavez gives back the wealth to poor and the working people.Bloomberg is like Berlusconi,or Franco.Media mogul,controls media,holds the purse strings with tax payer money, and no respect for democracy:Just like right wing Berlusconi.Bush just kissed his cheeks at the white house.Or more like the scandalous billionaire felons that run around israel from Russia.

Anonymous said...

We live in a republic and not a in "to the REPUBLIC for which it stands".

Remember "the pledge"?

Bloomberg and his council stooges sure have forgotten it!

Anonymous said...

We get cheap petro-products
from Mayor Mike too...
white petroleum jelly
(Vaseline) right before he stiffs us!