Sunday, October 19, 2008

Queens Tribune puts pressure on undecideds

We are appalled that Councilman Leroy Comrie has already sided with those who seek to serve their own self-interest, and will vote to extend his own term in office. Shame on you Leroy!

We Must Let Them Know

There are those who still consider themselves undecided – awaiting either a deal that will sway their vote or legitimately seeking a cry from the people against this insidious coup.

We urge all Queens residents to reach out to these undecided few to let them know term limits is the law of the people that cannot be changed without a vote of the people. It is important for each of you who stand with democracy to call these undecided Council members: Peter Vallone Jr., (718) 274-4500; Helen Sears (718) 803-6373; Hiram Monserrate (718) 205-3881; Melinda Katz, (718) 544-8800; James Sanders, (718) 527-4356; and Tom White, (718) 843-0792.

Do not let them undo our democracy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Little Don Pietro "junior" Vallone
doesn't like the idea of only two terms!

He's a hog just like his father.

That shifty Vallone dynasty needs a good kick out of NYC politics!

Now son Paul is pushing for Avella's seat.

Keeping the power all in the family since the days of Charlie "the judge"!