Monday, October 20, 2008

Big and bulky near Bleecker

63-15 Forest Avenue in Ridgewood was formerly a 2-family house on a double wide lot.

Now it's a hideously bulky "2-story" 11-unit condo with only 7 parking spaces. And there's just one fake balcony on the 2nd, er...1st floor.


Anonymous said...

Very unattractive building. Doen't fit in with the neighboring homes. I wonder how sales were?

Anonymous said...

ooh my gosh -- i live around the corner from this and the picture only begins to show how hideous it is. COMPLETELY ugly -- too bad you don't have a shot from the other "new" complex right across the street -- that, of course, lacks parking, too!

Queens Crapper said...

Now did you really think that I would stand right in front of a piece of crap to take this picture but then walk away without snapping a photo of said crap? You should know me better than that by now! Forest Avenue crap #2 will be up Friday.