Monday, October 20, 2008

Bloomberg pressuring charities for help

As opposition mounts to his plan to ease term limits, those people said, the mayor and his top aides have asked leaders of organizations that receive his largess to express their support for his third-term bid by testifying during public hearings and by personally appealing to undecided members of the City Council. Legislation that would allow him to run for another term is expected to come up for a Council vote as early as next week.

Bloomberg Enlists His Charities in Bid to Stay

The requests have put the groups in an unusual and uncomfortable position, several employees of the groups said. City Hall has not made any explicit threats, they said, but city officials have extraordinary leverage over the groups’ finances. Many have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mr. Bloomberg’s philanthropic giving and millions of dollars from city contracts overseen by his staff.

An official at a social service group that receives tens of thousands of dollars from Mr. Bloomberg and has a contract with the city was startled to receive a call in the past few days from Linda I. Gibbs, the deputy mayor for health and human services. Ms. Gibbs asked whether the organization’s leaders would be willing to call wavering council members to argue for Mr. Bloomberg’s term limits legislation.

“It’s pretty hard to say no,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of upsetting the mayor. “They can take away a lot of resources.”

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. This is a textbook example of tweeding.


Anonymous said...

So now "bully" Bloomberg threatens
poor defenseless charities.

Par for the course from a tantrum throwing pint-sized megalomaniac!

How did (as my wife just reminded me) did this "basic piece of shit" ever become mayor?

With scads of money, my dear, he bought his office with the help of
a sleeeping electorate!

Anonymous said...


It is a wonderful life Mr. Potter

Anonymous said...

City Hall has not made any explicit threats, they said, but city officials have extraordinary leverage over the groups’ finances.

No shit shinola.

Bloomberg is doing the same crap that the machine has done for decades. I call for getting the machine out of the cultural organizations and setting up a funding process based on merit.

Taxpayer said...

If the Dear Leader Commissar Death and Taxes is truly interested in philanthropic activities with no strings, then he must resign now and devote his miserable little tantrum-filled, turtle-faced life to charity.

He wants to stay because?

Someone has to cover up all his illegal use of our tax money to enrich himself and his wealthy crony developer friends.

He trusts nobody to cover for him, so he demands that he stays on.

No other reason.