Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We're number 8!

Queens, N.Y. - Violence and the Boulevard of Death

Senior citizens in Queens have had it hard. First there was the Boulevard of Death, a stretch of Queens Boulevard with a long way to cross in a short time. After dozens of deaths, largely of seniors, officials finally gave pedestrians a few more seconds to cross. This spring a crack-addicted mugger targeted the elderly.

13 Worst Places to Retire

(Notice they don't even show Queens in the photo they chose to represent it.)


Anonymous said...

"Queens, New York: Violence and the Boulevard of Death
Senior citizens in Queens have had it hard."

Queen can be as hard as the next place to live as a senior but not the worst. It may be AOL money is the worst site to get advice or to bother reading if your a senior.

Anonymous said...

I'm staying retired in NY......
and taking my chances.

Somebody I know just "retired" to Las Vegas.
It was supposed to be paradise.
Then the sub-prime debacle came down hard.
(I think that they're the 2nd worst hit in the country).

Now he's sorry he sold his house
and moved there......
amidst the surface glitz & glitter
he can no longer afford.

He'd like to come back.....
but nobody wants to buy his new abode.
And if he should return to NY....
he couldn't afford to buy back
the house he sold there.

As the song goes, "....When you leave New York....
you're going nowhere...." !

faster340 said...

I am absolutely sick to death of hearing about the "Boulevard of Death"...

It's not only the drivers/vehicles that cause this problem which everyone goes after when a person is hit on Queens Boulevard.

I have sat parked on the side of the boulevard in Forest Hills waiting for my wife to come back from the dentist and have witnessed SO MANY people jay walking it's not funny. And not just the kids or younger people. Older folks 65,70 or better trying to get across the street on wobbly legs with walkers or canes!

Are you freaking insane? You are 80years old and you can't/won't wait for the friggin light? What the hell is wrong with you. Then you get hit and God forbid injured or killed and it's MOST ALWAYS the drivers fault.

That time (approx. 1.5 hours) I sat at the side of the boulevard i counted 15 people that jay walked. I didn't see any cops give out any tickets or try to stop this. I am just sorry I didn't have my camera phone with me. I would have taken pictures.

Gimme a break! I could almost guarantee that 1/2 the accidents would stop if they stopped jay walking.

Russell M.