Sunday, December 16, 2007

State Senator compares himself to welfare recipient

Brooklyn senator slammed over raise request
James T. Madore, Newsday

ALBANY - Lawmakers, who earn a base salary of $79,500, aren't eligible for welfare as Sen. Eric Adams suggested in his impassioned plea for a raise - unless they have dozens of children, officials said Friday.

Senators and Assembly members haven't received a wage boost since 1999, but their pay remains far above the poverty level. A couple living in Suffolk County with the same income, for example, would need 79 kids to be eligible for public assistance, said the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, which administers welfare.

Adams, a freshman Democrat from Brooklyn, caused a stir Thursday by equating lawmakers' salaries to those of the working poor in a debate about increasing judges' pay.

"I don't know how some of you are living, to tell you the truth, on $79,000. You qualify for public assistance," he said. "I deserve to be paid more. ... Show me the money! Show me the money!"

The New York State Republican Committee was quick to publicize Adams' remarks, which he defended Friday.

In an interview, Adams said asking for a raise "was as American as apple pie." He said the comparison to welfare wasn't meant to be taken literally.

New York has a part-time legislature whose members' pay is the nation's third-highest.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I hid my money in my (anal) "suitcase"....
like where inmates keep their "valuables" in prison.

I haven't looked up there lately
to tally up my finances or balance my checkbook.

But we're able to get along on 1/2 that amount
and aren't screaming like this phony
senator for more $$$$$$ without working for it.

If you don't like your job....I'll be glad to take it....
and you can shove your begging up your ass....
Senator Madore!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Eric Adams the chair of "100 blockheads in the State Senate?"

Anonymous said...

Also keep in mind this knucklehead collects a full pension from his 20years of NYPD service, retiring as a Captain....I would conservatively estimate his yearly pension at around $65,000 when you factor in the annual "variable supplement."....Nearly $150,000 a year(perhaps more) in taxpayer funded income performing part time work and this guy has the nerve to cry poverty?

Taxpayer said...

Take the man at his word. Of course he compares himself to a welfare client.

He does nothing useful, but collects his payment and demands more.

Anonymous said...

He has a lifetime entitlement didn't you know?

Anonymous said...

He looks pretty damn plump to me
for a welfare recipient.

It must be all of those sugar/starch
purchases (popcorn,"Skittles", chips, soda)
his "welfare mom" squeezes
out of her food stamps ?

C-mon fella....
even us regularly tweeded folk aren't that dumb !

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....that fool's livin' large !

Sue said...

The pampered ixistence of a NYS Senator compared to welfare??? PLEASE. This attitude is axactly what's wrong with NYS Government. When every soldier fighting in Iraq makes $79,500. a year, the timing would be right for senators to ASK FOR a raise. They can get behind nurses and firemen. Adams is a poster child for every self-serving politician this state has ever seen. Taxpayers really need to revolt against over bloating government. These people are out of control.