Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pony up to park

Get ready for some curb rage.

The city is looking into a plan to raise the price of street parking to as high as $15 an hour in an effort to tame traffic, officials said yesterday.


The Department of Transportation is considering so-called performance-based parking, in which curbside rates in busy neighborhoods are raised as high as the market will bear.

City officials, who have been holding community meetings across the city on proposals to ease traffic, will meet with a consultant tomorrow to discuss it further.

The DOT invited "parking guru" Donald Shoup, a professor of Urban Planning at UCLA and author of "The High Cost of Free Parking" who favors the city adopting the plan.

"Why not let the people who want to park pay the price?" he asked.


Russell said...

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer...

Long Live Tweed!

Anonymous said...

This is wrong. I am starting to hate this city.

Hey Mayor Bloomberg.....when your working class leave this city because they can't afford it....I hope all illegal immigrants work the city government so your rich folk pay for them.

Anonymous said...

How about a congestion price to walk about Manhattan!

georgetheatheist said...

Bloomberg would have sided with the Tories in the Revolution. He is enamored of Britain. (Where do you think he has another set of "digs"? London.) He sees the Commie mayor of London, Livingston, institute a congestion-pricing scheme and Her Majesty's loyal subject falls into lock step. Monkey see. Monkey do.

Liman said...

Today's Brainiac is Donald Shoup. What are his credentials? Let's see... Google tells us he has PhD in Economics from Yale. And he's a professor of Urban Planning at UCLA. This pretty much establishes that he doesn't know the real world from Shinola.

He's cited as the world's leading authority on parking policy. As if we needed a policy, or an authority.

Does anyone in charge ever think about what might make normal peoples' lives easier? Wait, it's a trick question. Bloomie and company don't ever think about normal people, period.

Michael said...

$15.........in quarters.

Anonymous said...

This Mayor is an a##h@@le.

Hey Mayor Bloomberg.....it must be nice to be rich. No problem paying for anything. What a blooming idiot! Pun intended....

verdi said...

Yeah....watch out folks.
Der Mayor is going to install
an ankle bracelet pedometer
on every NYC resident.

You'll be charged by the mile
for walking around his city.

Anonymous said...

It's the mayor's plot
to clear privileged neighborhoods
(like his east side digs)
from unwanted traffic noise and congestion......
while our Fuhrer pushes over development into
the "suburbs" and ruins our quality of life.

Ya gotta admire his set of balls.

If he couldn't shove congestion pricing
up our asses one way....
he's gonna do it another way!

Whatta creative businessman....
the bastard!

Astoria Steve said...

Why can't Doomberg come up with something better? Other cities across the world limit access for certain cars based on their plate number (even or odd) depending on which day of the week it is. It's all a pay to play game for some people. How did income discrimination become OK?