Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Open and unguarded

Plywood fences of doom are not an unusual sight, but one with a big red sign on it that says "unsafe" tends to catch one's attention.
66-52 58th Avenue in Maspeth has been shut down for just about a year. It looked to be one of those "teardown - subdivision - huge pile of crap" jobs. Not sure what happened to the owner. But there apparently was a water main break last month and now it may collapse - along with neighboring buildings. More recently, it's been vandalized, which explains why the fence was wide open allowing this wide shot.


verdi said...

How fortuitous ......
a water main

What a builder can't accomplish.....
maybe some freezing pipes can .

Another blatant case of demolition by neglect!

Taxpayer said...

Here's an original thought: Tear the thing down!

Take it away from the owner.

But, make the owner pay for all costs, including damage to neighbors.

Then, jail the son of a bitch! Along with the DOB official who last inspected and approved the property.