Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Multicolored crap

Here we have 802 - 808 Wyckoff Avenue on the Ridgewood- Bushwick border. This was pretty much vacant land.
Now there will be what looks like four multicolored, porthole- windowed 3-family houses. Oh, excuse me...TWO-family houses. At least that's what the self-certified plans say (wink, wink). P.S. Check out the twins toting a whole lotta paper towels home. You never know what you'll end up shooting while you're out hunting crap.


Anonymous said...

...sure it ain't toliet paper? With all the crap about that would be sorta fitting. ;)

Michael said...

They remind me of the station wagon that Chevy Chase got stuck with in National Lampoons vacation.

Anonymous said...

Looks like miners' cottages
from a grim coal mining town
in the Glamorgan Valley....South Wales....
slightly updated in appearance!

B-r-r-r-r !

Where's the "coal tip"
(the artificial mountain of diggings
left over from mining) ?

Anonymous said...

Good development except for the fedders, still a good change in use of underutilized land

ken said...

they'd look better if they got rid of the stairs and made the front entranceways on the ground floor.

Julie said...

Does anyone except DOB believe that these are 2-family homes?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true. These actually ARE bona-fide, honest-to-goodness two-family homes (but each family has about 40 members living there in different shifts . . .)

Will said...

I'm from Ridgewood (born there, lived more than half of my life there, and living there now) and, believe garish, overbearing architecture is the LEAST of our problems.

My neighborhood has more scumbags than a condom factory and it gets worse every year. My female roommate was robbed right on the steps of our apartment building several weeks ago, and, out of all the mutts that are always outside making noise at around the time she wes victimized (10PM), not one of them opened a window to yell or came to her aid.

While I am a fan of this blog, I must say that those houses aren't so horrible, either. Probably more than 50% of the houses in Ridghewood are of the 6 family turn-of-the century variety, and, while they have their own charm, a lot of them are dilapidated and need to be either gutted or razed. So, those buildings are actually a pleasant change, in my opinion. If you want to see more of a monstrosity, go to the corner of Palmetto Street and Onderdonk Avenue in the same neighborhood. Some kind of newly built brick houses that are all together, without even firewalls, probably. It looks like someone is renting out space in an elementary school.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that about your roommate. She might carry mace or pepper spray from now on and also take a quick self defence class.

Kneeing an attacker in the groin or jabbing fingers in their eyes can be quite effective in warding off an attack.

As to most people being scumbags I can't argue with you there except to say that in instances like the one you described their reluctance to help others stems more from their being cowardly shits, afraid of putting themselves in harms way.