Saturday, December 1, 2007

The most shocking news of November

Ladies and gentlemen, this may be hard to believe, but the community board from hell took exception with a developer's plan to build something out-of-character:

By a vote of 28 to 8, with two abstentions, Community Board 1 voted to deny an application for an amendment of the zoning map at its November meeting in Astoria.

Bd 1. Rejects 31st St. Zoning Change

Along 31st Street, between 21st Avenue and 20th Avenue, Santino DiFiore owns a row of residential four-story buildings that date back to 1926 and sit comfortably next to one another. At the end of the block, a vacant lot, presently used for parking, is undeveloped.

DiFiore also owns that property and wants to build on it. While it is his right to develop a sixstory residential building in the existing R5 zoning district, he applied for an amendment of the zoning map to change zoning for the entire block from R5 to R6A.


Anonymous said...

That is in Vallone's area. Rumors had been circulating for more than a year that the sacred precincts of Ditmars is slated for downzoning. So the community boards's new found religion is understandible.

Might be tough. Not because the good folks of Broadway will cry its unfair to overbuild their area, and if Vallone loves development so much, he should have the splenders of overcrowding in his back yard, too.

Naw! Astorians are polite when it comes to their local pols.

The problem is that this the only real area that remains underdeveloped in Astoria and since they manta of 'development is good .. (or is it God?)' has been preached for so long, the good bergers in his back yard might want to get on the 'sell-out and develop' bandwagon, too.

Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

"Community Board 1 voted to deny an application for an amendment of the zoning map"

Except for very local things, like sidewalk cafe space, I thought the Community Boards only make recommendations to, for example, the Planning Commission, which then advises the City Council. So of what use is it for CB1 to "deny" this?

Anonymous said...

check out little perky Catheleen Simms

"Some of you may be aware of Council Member Vallone's ongoing efforts with the Department of City Planning to have a comprehensive zoning study done for Astoria. His goal is to target certain areas in the neighborhood that are appropriate for larger developments and preserve those that aren't...

Our office has had several meetings with City Planning and it appears as though the study will be happening shortly."

Anonymous said...

And who is the community is involved, or will it be just presented to the Reichstag and rubber stamped?

Anonymous said...

Community board 1, the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, every time they run for office out of their backyard, they never get anywhere

Why? Someone just walks around Old Astoria and then takes a long look at their community and begin to speculate on what the broader city would look like with the likes of Pissstilli unleashed.

Then they take a pass....

Anonymous said...

Who is to decide what is to be downzoned? Do they really think the community will stand around and take orders.

Many of the property owners in northern Astoria just can wait to sell out to a developer. Everyone knows its underdeveloped and can add lots of people without getting crowded. Anything south of Astoria Boulevard is just about built up.

They ain't going to take lightly someone taking away their little gold mine.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for him to hire everyones little golden boy, give him $60k, and ignore the wishes of the community or spot landmark old Astoria.

There will be hell to pay, sonny boy, hell to pay.