Sunday, December 2, 2007

Introducing the Cross-Sound Tunnel

The plan is as bold as it is massive: Build the world's longest road tunnel, connecting Long Island's North Shore to Rye, N.Y. - a 16-mile set of tubes under the Long Island Sound that would save northbound motorists 30 miles of driving and, at times, more than an hour behind the wheel in snarled traffic.

But is the proposed $10 billion, privately-funded project just a pipe dream?

Private group wants to build $10B, 16-mile tube linking North Shore, Rye


Anonymous said...

I would love to see this built so that the flow of traffic is reversed by running through the gold coast towns of Nassau County and Westchester. I would enjoy seeing these towns battle this proposal and lose. Only then would these folks appreciate how badly they polute the air and ruin Queens to service their needs of commuting and the demands of ever expanding roadways.

ken said...

they look like straws, loaded with spitballs.

Michael said...

I would love to see these tunnels built. It would be productive and beneficial on so many levels but unfortunatly I think $10 billion is a low estimate. With a looming recession all but certain all that private funding will dry up really quick.
At least it brings cross sound transportation to a more public light. If they cant get the tunnels built we still might get a real ferry service out of the deal.

Joe in Mattituck said...

Hahahah its easier and cheaper to build a small city on the moon.
Do the NIMBY Billionares like the Dolans up in Oyster Bay, Larchmont and Milton point know about this or are they all down in the Virgin Islands

Anonymous said...

Even without a Cross-Sound bridge, Long Island is getting more developed, so why not build it already?

Britain and France are connected, as are Denmark and Sweden. Soon, Sicily will also have a dry link to mainland Italy. What are we waiting for?

Liman said...

Private? Worth considering. Private construction could theoretically be less expensive.
But it really can't be truly private - eminent domain would have to come into play. Also, $10 billion is way underestimating it... I suspect the developers figure if they run out of money, the taxpayers will bail them out.
$25 toll? By the time they finish it, that will not be much higher than we'll be paying on the city bridges.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could just fill in
the Long Island Sound.

It would be cheaper!

Stupid ass idiots!

Anonymous said...

So now Rye's wealthy minions
will be more easily able
to kiss their new neighbors' asses
in the tony village of Belle Terre!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're going to hire
(if he avoids jail)
Dennis Pee Gallagher to pimp the tunnel .

Didn't he support one connecting
Maspeth to Manhattan ?

Anonymous said...

This sound very good.........
But 10 billion would not be enough to build this project