Monday, December 17, 2007

A Hull of a nerve

Very interesting situation at 64-08 Hull Avenue in Maspeth. The house is listed for sale AND with an apartment for rent.

Yes, there's a sign advertising a basement apartment at this location, even though the C of O lists the legal use as a 2-family house with a cellar. Hmm...maybe someone should get their real estate license pulled (if they should actually have one).


Anonymous said...

What nerve! These people know that the Building Department won't do anything about an illegal basement apartment. Anything goes in Queens. The sellers of this house should be fined.

Anonymous said...

Rip down the sign!

Anonymous said...

The city ought to send their dicks to investigate this potential infraction - this is very the cause of the CO to be abused as to become the standard that the DOB now ignores to the detriment of our neighborhoods. Go after the RE office to pull their licenses.

Anonymous said...

Put in a complaint call.
Usually your state senator can handle this
but just look who you've gotten stuck with !

The Secretary of State's office,
I believe, deals with real estate & licensing.
(Call them).

They're (I think) still located behind City Hall.

I've been there twice to complete the filing
of 2 complaints against Re-Max Universal
(a notorious violator) !

anon...Ken said...

the broker must be a Parisian. They've slashed the "7" in the phone number they wrote on the “for rent” sign.

Anonymous said...

Times are tough, people need extra income, and others need a place to live.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood suffers, due to over crowding, lack of parking on the streets, and neighbors not knowing neighbors.