Monday, December 17, 2007

Explosive growth

Thanks to Brooklyn Junction, who posted a table from the 2030 plan showing that Queens will absorb about 300,000 of the 1 million additional people expected by that time - more than any of the other individual boroughs.

Brooklyn's Share of NYC's Total Population Decreasing

If you look at the comparison between 1950 and 2030, Queens will have gained 1 million people total; compare that to the other boroughs. With the exception of Staten Island, no other borough will have experienced anywhere near as much growth. In fact, Manhattan and Brooklyn will actually have lost people!


Michael said...

Imagine what the 7, E, F, V, R and N trains will look like then, and they think the Second Ave line should be priority.

Anonymous said...

We always knew that.

Queens is slated to become the dumping ground
for all that is unwanted in Manhattan.

They're jealous of our bucolic lifestyle
and want to fix us good !

Give us your over building,
air pollution, choked up transit lines,
millions of cubic yards of concrete,
arboricide, increased traffic,
power failures, crowded classrooms,
illegal immigrants, increased crime rate,
exotic diseases, overflowing hospital wards etc.

Is that what is meant by
"the wretched refuse of your teaming shores" ?

Congestion pricing
(or whatever substitute gets passed in its place)
is just the beginning.

The "swells" intend to place an economic moat around their prized isle of Manhattan.

You may even need a passport someday
to travel in from the outer boroughs !

Anonymous said...

You aught to post this on

Those pro-development types do harken back to a simpler, age.

They must listen to 8 track tapes playing the hustle, have a CD radio in their Oldsmobiles, and wear leasure suits too.

Anonymous said...

Holy Peter Frampton!

Some yos from da hood near Demarco Park are still into Annette Funicello (sp?)

Anonymous said...

Queens can't even absorb ground water during
a rainstorm deluge.....let alone more people
(unless they're "tight packed" like in a slave ship) !

I can just see our borough
"teaming" with humanity in 2030.

Like ants they'll all be streaming out
and up onto the sidewalks
exiting from the Roosevelt Ave. E train
after the end of the work day.

verdi said...

Explosive growth.....h-m-m-m....
is that anything like explosive bowels ?

It seems to result in the same shit !