Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dottie plays defense

A post about a meeting called by the Parks Department to try to quiet down the infidels who are against their plan to destroy the Ridgewood Reservoir:

"The meeting began with Ms. Lewandowski making some opening remarks, which included pointing out that I was the person who created "the video".

Meeting at Oak Ridge

It didn't make a lot of sense to me that parks recognizes the existence of endangered plant species in sections of basin 3, but all drawings indicating possible recreational facilities in that basin have it butting right up against that section of forest. I'm not sure those plants would be around for very long once any construction began."


Anonymous said...

How adept these bureaucrats are
in fabricating excuses for destroying
G-d's natural wonders.

You may try and deny nature.....
but the worms will have their day.

Anonymous said...

What? The public is protesting effectively? They take what they are told and read with a grain of salt?

Ah, oh. That doens't look good!

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened in Sunnyside Gardens.

Hmmm...does this blog play a role in connecting the unconnected?

verdi said...

You bet this blog is effective!

For too long politicians
have had their "connections"......
now the little guy has his !

Taxpayer said...

Here's an indicator as to how effective the public's protests are: Over on another site that the drooling Gallagher and henchmen operate, the indicted Rapist (10 Counts) of a grandma and his lickspittle lapdancers are shrieking like girly-boys that one more source of kickbacks is threatened.

These "patriotic" pink panty wearing lackeys know that the contract to rip out the trees, concrete over the land, and put artificial turf on any remaining ground is where the payoff money originates.

To hell with wild life and any quiet, peaceful spot for restful meditation for people of all ages.

The pretension is that tree stumps and concrete will "cure" child obesity. This nation went for centuries without concrete, turf and government kickback contracts, and obesity was not the problem.

Who wrote the law that there must be a sports accommodation on every acre of public land? Who wrote the law that every kid must engage in some sports activity?

No. The real agenda is to once again spill bile on the Juniper Park Civic Association, its officers and its members as well as the citizens who see no reason to spend tax money (citizens' money) on projects who design is to put those tax dollars back into the pockets of the idle, useless political jackals who have never earned an honest nickel yet.

And, to be on that tax money (citizen earnings) gravy train.

Liman said...

Let's start over. First, does the reservior NEED to be "improved?" No. Was anyone clamoring for it? No. Is construction necessary for any NYers to be "within 10 minutes" of a park? No - in fact, it's adjacent to one of the larger parks in the city.

Is there any affirmative reason to leave it alone? YES. Returned natural forest, endangered species, urban oasis, and so forth. And hey, how about spending the money on parks that need repair?

Then why do it? Probably it has to do with Bloomie's edifice complex - to leave a legacy that bears his stamp. That takes concrete.

Stand up and be heard... we can stop this nonsense.

verdi said...

There are still plenty of trees left
suitable for hanging political criminals
(after a speedy trial) !

H-m-m-m.....oh well.....just an idle musing !

We can't really think of doing
that sort of thing......we may run out of trees !

Anonymous said...

Yet another hack living on our taxes ramming something we don't want down our throats.

Maybe Crappie should start a rogues' gallery of 'public' servants.

The only thing 'public' about them is the funding for their paychecks.