Friday, December 14, 2007

Doctoroff's 'Development Hell'

Willets Point and Manhattanville are two of Schiffman’s favorite examples of the failings of Doctoroff’s most celebrated and least criticized effort: the package of sustainability initiatives known as PlaNYC. As the city has rezoned manufacturing districts citywide to make way for admittedly necessary housing, it has squandered the possibility to repurpose those facilities for sustainable manufacturing purposes. “You can’t outsource the retrofitting of these buildings,” Schiffman said. “And, with the price of oil going up, it makes more and more sense to make these things at home.” He said it could also create up to four million jobs.




Anonymous said...

If needed housing....affordable that is.....
will ever be built on these toxic
former manufacturing sites.....
that means that the poorer population of NYC
will be getting screwed twice!

#1. They lose their jobs that were
located there.

#2. If they can get one of these new "affordable"
Living spaces (ha, ha).....they'll be poisoned
by contaminants like PCBs etc.
in the soil.....a slow time consuming process.

And please don't tell me that NYC
and its corrupt affiliates and
environmental remediation contractors
will be able to offer a guarantee
that they've properly cleaned up these sites !

Life goes on as the big rotten apple!

Dennis Pee said...

We had a great name for him around city hall...

Dan Jerkoff