Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Doctoroff reflects

Critics of Atlantic Yards repeatedly argue that there is something about the 22-acre housing and arena complex in Brooklyn that does not jibe with the Bloomberg administration’s rhetoric about community participation in the planning process. In an article appearing in tomorrow’s Observer, Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff basically agrees.

Doctoroff Looks Back on Atlantic Yards

“I am a huge believer in the ULURP process,” he said, referring to the seven-month public-review process that involves the local community board, the borough president, the City Planning Commission and the City Council. “If it happened again, and the state were to ask if I would encourage them to take Atlantic Yards through the ULURP process, I would say yes.”

ULURP is a joke, Dan. Deals are "done" before they even get to the community board level. That's probably why you're such a big fan of it.

In other Dan D news, Doctoroff Wants to Stay Involved with Hudson Yards, Moynihan

Photo from NY Observer


Anonymous said...

Dr. Dan sure does doctor up some bullshit.

Good riddance. Now that he's out, he has as much right to be involved in these matters as the homeless man outside my subway stop. But don't tell his ego that.

Anonymous said...

This man has been playing
with his own putz for so long
that he thinks whole world is in love with him!

Hey.....Dr. Jerker-off.....sayonara !

Anonymous said...

Doctoroff will be reflecting a lot more soon.....
judging by his receding hairline.

Maybe he can team up with Vallone Sr.
for some tips on hair plugs .