Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Curbed on top of DOB scandal

Curbed has the latest on the Lancaster scandal, including the defense used by the DOB, courtesy of the Gowanus Lounge:

Buildings Department Defends Scarano Deal

Interestingly, although Crappy gets e-mails from DOB, this one seemed to not find its way to our inbox.


westernqueensland said...

push harder Crappy, YOu're bound to get some s__t.

Scumano said...

Architects are above the law and should be able to do what they want. The loss of a few blue collar workers is a worthy sacrifice in the creation of art. Were lives not sacrificed in the construction of the great pyramids?


(disclaimer - any resemblance to the comments of certain mentally disturbed architects are purely coincidental)

Anonymous said...

DOB/da Bkl'n goombahs/Scarano......
asshole buddies (?).....in cahoots and in cakootz (?) !!!

Anonymous said...

Pointless, getting Scarano out of the system. Sounds like bullshit to me. How gullible do they think the public is.

What deals did she make with Huang? Rumor is she met with his two sons. Councilman Tony Avella still has not gotten a meeting with her.

Anonymous said...

Ridding the city of cockroaches like Scarano is a good start.

Then human trash like Huang has got to be nailed to a tree and his sons given vasectomies!