Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buyer sees green in Green Church

In threatened church news from folks over in Brooklyn...

The Green Church, on Ovington and Fourth Avenues in Bay Ridge, the subject of a pitched historic preservation battle, has a new buyer:

The intended purchaser of what has become a controversial property in Bay Ridge has finally been revealed. Abe Betesh of Abeco Management Corp. in Brooklyn, confirmed to the Brooklyn Eagle Friday that he is currently in contract to buy the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church, also known as the “Green Church” for the distinctive color of its stone facade.

Possible Buyer Identified for Brooklyn’s ‘Green Church’

Who is Abe Betesh? Well, it seems that this guy knows all too well who Abe is:

The slum lord whose company manages our building, Abe Betesh, had refused to provide hot water at a legal tempurature and access to the boiler room until December 28th. We return to New York City Housing Court on January 4th to hold him in contempt of the December 4th court order directing him to correct these violations within 24 hours. But it took him 24 days. At the present time this slum lord has over 230 documented housing code violations.

Carl Webb's blog

In 1988, Dishonest Abe was a boy wonder:

Abraham Betesh, Abe the Dealmaker, is 19 years old.

Mr. Betesh may be the youngest of the 104,000 licensed real estate agents in New York State; the records in Albany are unclear. If he isn't the youngest he is easily the fastest off the mark in his ll months as an agent - a phenomenon streaking through the less-glamorous alleyways of city real estate in which the art of the deal is played out with small apartment houses, brownstones and tenements rather than skyscrapers.

A Teen Prodigy Cuts Deals on Tenements

Apparently, mom didn't do a very good job of raising little Abie.


Anonymous said...

And I though I was a teenage terror.....
19 years look at this piece of trafe !

What's he going to be like when he reaches 60 ?

Anonymous said...

sue the diapers off the sob... that will make him stand p and crap in his pants... the thing he fears the most is not being able to continue being a bastard... hit him in his pockets