Tuesday, December 4, 2007

7 line gets an extension

Finally there's a sign that the No. 7 train will eventually be heading farther west. But for some, the line will still be missing a stop.

Hell's Kitchen stop not in 7's future

Next week, work will at last begin on extending the No. 7 line to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. And Monday, the mayor, governor and MTA unveiled a sign – it was billed as a ceremonial groundbreaking -- in the Times Square station touting the arrival of the stop at 11th Avenue and 34th Street.

But despite community demands, it seems a stop at 41St Street and 10th Avenue, in increasingly residential Hell's Kitchen, isn't on track, at least not right away.


Anonymous said...

Great, so now my trip home will be even more crowded...

Michael said...

Everybody tell their council person (even if it is Pinky) "No, stop on 34th and 11th without 41st and 10th!" There is no reason why we should spend more of our tax dollars on the Javits Center when our infrastructue is more dire need. You can extend from 41st and 10th, you cant go back from 34th and 11th.

Anonymous said...

The Javits Center
must not be living up to its financial potential.....
if the politicos can get away with
ramming a costly subway extension
down our throats in an effort
to facilitate visitation
to this far flung exhibition hall !

How about updating the entire #7 line
to a four track system ?

It's antiquated and cannot handle
the increasing flow resulting from
over development!

Anonymous said...

Great, nothing puts in a stoplight or a subway station like a development.

How about adding more transit to areas that are already over developed and underserved?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Queens Crapper posted only part of the story. There are really only a few who have asked for the stop at 41st and 10th. Most don't even know about it and couldn't care. But an increasing number opposes the extension whether it's one or two stops. The extension misses the neighborhood completely and most people are closer to the existing A,C and E lines.

Anonymous said...

Instead of blocking congestion pricing (which will show up sooner or later) why don't the Queens civics push for more subway extensions in Queens?

Ahh, but now the truth comes out. Subways means more development and more tweeded.

Therefor their suggestion, shoehorning more and more people in areas that are already congested (while they, of course, downzone their backyards)

If that is your solution, then suffer with your 21st century traffic built for 1930 roads.