Sunday, November 4, 2007

DOB tries to gain our trust

As any Queens resident knows, construction code violations and over-development are rampant problems associated with the borough. Residents and community groups have for years been calling on the City to tackle these issues head-on.

Rebuilding Trust: Despite Better Inspection Numbers, Critics Still Lash DOB Over Flaws

Data recently released from the Department of Buildings shows, however, that it is taking measures to more vigorously address these problems, though community members are still wary as to whether the changes will be long-lasting and whether the department is doing all it can to address the concerns of communities.


Anonymous said...

Where is the city wide preservation community? Why are they not taking up the banner on this on-going time-wasting joke of an agency?

Anonymous said...

What the hell
does the "preservation community"
have to do with the DOB issue?

It's primarily our politicians' responsibility
to kick the DOB in the ass for not doing its job!

Oh....but we all know
that they're not interested
in plugging up the free flowing
campaign cash pipeline.

DOB/developer/politico....what a lucrative trio!

Anonymous said...

What the hell
does the "preservation community"
have to do with the DOB issue?
There has to be some input on how these buildings are going up, and how the city government itself stands in the way.

The preservation community, as broadly defined, does little but hold little meetings in closed rooms bragging to each other about their little access to some government clerk, as the city burns around them.

"Another glass of whine, please."

These times call for bold action, new approaches, creative thinking and (horrors) new blood.

j.r. said...

C'mon "granny".....
I normally agree with you in our phone conversations
on the feebleness of the preservation community
and their lacking leadership role.....

But....really.....aren't you going out of your way
stretching it a bit.....
in assigning them the lion's share of the blame ?

Let's both agree that they are certainly
ACCOMPLICES...... shall we ?