Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunnyside wheel theft rampant

"I used to think Sunnyside was a pretty safe neighborhood, but apparently it's unfriendly for owners of late-model Japanese hatchbacks. Witness two auto wheel thefts on the same block within the past 11 months.

An unfortunate brand-spanking-new Honda Fit is minus four wheels this afternoon, thanks to wheel thieves who struck last night while the streetlight overhead was out. The same thing happened to a friend's Toyota Matrix on the same block last winter (though those thieves made off with only 1 of 4 wheels).

Prospective owners of the new luxury condos atop one of Queens Plaza's strip joints might want to consider investing in wheel locks.


- C.B.


Anonymous said...

Look all these macho third world type that go nuts when they get behind the wheel. Add to this double digit growth, construction vehicles, more deliveries to more stores, and we are finding that getting around on our streets is a propositoins that is going more dangerous and time consuming.

Once again, you are getting a city government that is not doing its homework.

It has atrophied into little more than a mechanism that pays off campaign donations to developers by turning over our communities to them. They then turn their backs to the resulting mess (that those of us who are paying the taxes supporting the whole damn thing) have to deal with on our own.

Perhaps we need congestion pricing not at the East River, but at the LIC border.

Anonymous said...

let's strip Susan Meikeljohn's car!

verdi said...

No..... make that Gioia's!

Can you see that "big wheel"
without a set of wheels!