Thursday, November 1, 2007

Picture postcards from Jamaica

Attached is a curious house sandwiched between industrial lots on the south side of the tracks, 166th Street near Liberty Avenue.
Also attached is a garage at Archer Avenue and 166th Street. It's one of the less ugly garages.



Anonymous said...

What a great place to build homes for THOUSANDS of people. I guess the thinking goes that compared to their villages where they come from, this is a blessing.

No mud slides, terror squads or famine.

Just the loving arms of the clubhouse.

ken said...

sometimes you've just got to admit defeat and sell your home, as in the case of the owners of the first home with industrial lots on either side. What aggravation they must have to endure!

georgetheatheist said...

This looks like a landscape in an R. Crumb cartoon. Maybe Mr. Natural lives in that house? Cooking a head of cabbage? - deelish!!!

ken said...

if Mr Natural is cooking cabbage he's breaking the law.

Nothing green from the plant world is allowed within 100 yards of the concrete paved area where all lawns and trees have been diligently removed.

mazeartist said...

Notice how the owners of this "spite house" have their minivan parked awkwardly in the front.

ken said...

yes, and there's that other vehicle blocking the "gateway."