Saturday, November 10, 2007

Miss Heather on this side of the Creek

Miss Heather knows crap when she sees it. And she saw it in Astoria.

Behold, The Other Face of Pistilli Realty!

If you're torn over which of those big LIC piles of shit you should invest in, you may want to give Miss Heather’s Condominium Select-O-Matic a try.


Anonymous said...

I think that place is built of styrofoam.

Anonymous said...

Super ugly, cheapest materials, but hey, it is a "Pistilli"!

Anonymous said...

It's a CONDOM-minium all right !

Anonymous said...


That sandwich board in the photo...that's illegal, right? I have 3 of them on my street for one of the 5SL lofts building that just opened up in the middle of my block. Can I knock them down, or "remove" them? What's the right course of action to take, because right now I'd like to kick a hole through them. One of them covers a parking meter and its giant feet are a tripping hazard.