Saturday, November 10, 2007

Great job

Yes, "Lynda" was still on vacation on October 1st. Apparently, so was her boss, Dennis Gallagher.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of taxpayer money. You have to wonder why he even needs support staff if he doesn't do anything all day.

Two chairs for Mr. cimino please said...

Oh yes, Linda was on vacation. With big fat Joe So-mean-O and the spouses. Just don't ask who slept in whose room and beds. We're not supposed to know that Lynda,Rick, Fatso and Lu Ann are todays version of Bob Carol Ted and Alice. So mums the word.

mv ben said...

Who really cares if they are swingers or not?

Get a life people!!

Taxpayer said...

Were they all reciting Hump ty Dumpty stories?

Maybe they were prepping testimony for trial?

Maybe they were shopping for Gallagher's and Bubba's Honeymoon?

Speaking of Bubba, who will be wearing the panties in that cell?

Gallagher, make sure Bubba is younger than you. You surely want just one mate for the 25 years, eh?

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Dennis Gallagher's buddy Rick why his wife Lynda is still working at Gallagher's 2007. Does he need the money that badly. Doesn't he know his wife will be called to testify about all of Gallagher's wrongdoings? It will be found that she knew about a lot of things and helped actually helped him. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

Anonymous said...

Back in 2002 The Lovely Miss Lynda was handling a constituent issue for me regarding a cracked sidewalk. The issue never got resolved because every time I went to the office she was on vacation! She was on vacation for the entire summer and the city ended up repaving my sidewalk and billing me 12,000 dollars even though they had the wrong address!! I think someone should make a freedom of information request to see if this political hack got paid for that summer!! Pinky, I want my 12 grand back(oh wait your broke) and tell lynda she has been telling people she's 39 since about 1999, and we all know with those wrinkly tities she's well over 50!!!