Saturday, November 10, 2007

213 is an unlucky number

"Here are 2 photos of 213th between Northern Blvd and the RR, the old stuff hanging on, the new krapp taking over." - K.W.


Anonymous said...

Exposed water meters? Check.
Pale brick facade? Check.
Fedders air conditioners? Check.
Paved over front lawn? Check.

ken said...

looks like there are a grand total of six mailboxes in all. So on a property where a single family once lived there are now six seperate ones living there. Add several more of these dorms to a block and you've increased the population from maybe 120 to 250 or so. Come on! This is madness!!!

KG2V said...

Actually, it was two LARGE single family homes - One a MD's office, and one that had some sort of commecrial space in it for at least 20 years (I lives 2 blocks away)

What's real fun is the 6 or 7 story monster (20 or so units) going up on 212st just around the corner.

It was going to be somewhat smaller (1 story) - the neighborhood dared to fight it - the builder won, and then modified his plan to add a extra floor by putting in spaces for a "community space" - if I remember right, it's going to be a health care clinic

ken said...

guess the LIRR train station being right nearby is a big draw. The commute into the city from there is only 20 minutes or so. Then too there's that VIP pizza place. :)

georgetheatheist said...

Just compare the neighboring houses to the crap..