Sunday, September 9, 2007

West Side horror story

The building, which lies within a historic district, is owned by West Side Kollel, a small synagogue and Jewish adult school that occupies the basement. Last year, the synagogue received permission from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to make alterations, one of which involved building a brick-clad structure in its side and rear yards.

Amid the Construction, Residents Quake

The residents of the 18 one-bedroom apartments, some of whom have lived in the building for decades, received a letter from a contractor in October 2006 stating that construction would be completed by March of this year. Last month, a work crew could still be seen pouring concrete.

The city’s Buildings Department has received dozens of complaints about the situation, and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development has issued many notices of violation, including one last month for a gaping hole in a hallway ceiling, caused by water damage.


Anonymous said...

The NY Times tried to contact the building's owners for comment:

"At least three phone calls each were placed to the synagogue; to Mordechai Prager, a rabbi from the synagogue; to Itzhak Cohen, the building’s manager; and to Morris Mitrani, who was named as the building’s lawyer in a letter sent to residents. None were returned."

It appears the religious owner of this building refuse to answer to the public. What ever happened to being a good neighbor?

Anonymous said...

Apparently they're behaving like Nazis !