Sunday, September 9, 2007

But is it big enough for all of Johnny's crap?

The long anticipated Flushing Creek Combined Sewer Overflow project, which will protect the Flushing River from being swamped by sewage, is expected to be fully operational by year’s end.

Flushing Creek CSO Project To Be Ready By End Of Year

The CSO is designed to hold overflows of storm water and sewage during rain events which would previously pour into Flushing River, Flushing Bay/Creek and the East River. “It’s part storage, part settlement tank,” said Bob LoPinto, chairman of Community Board 7’s Environmental Committee. “It’s not one big tank, it’s many, so as each one overflows, the solid waste remains in the tank instead of being tipped into the river and bay.”

City Councilman John Liu is eager for the facility to reach capacity. “This project will regain Flushing’s potential as a waterfront community as opposed to a sewer-front community,” he said.

Liu has kayaked in the river, but wants it to get to the point where on a hot summer day people can take a dip and actually swim. “This waterfront should be a huge asset for the community,” he said.


Anonymous said...

For the past decade or so, the CSO
has been affectionately known by Flushing residents
as the "poop tank".

I doubt that even its gargantuan diameter
can sufficiently handle the combined capacity
of both Liu's and the Stavisky's BS !

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Bob Lo Pinto and Marylin Bitterman
compete in a swimming race in the new "pool".

Will Gene Kelty be judging the event ?

How about water skiing with the Staviskys ?

Taxpayer said...

This Johnny Liu is one solid fellow! Solid waste, that is.

Anonymous said...

George Washington once traveled up the Flushing River. Unfortunately, local overdevelopment will continue to harm this river.

Anonymous said...

Some of those waterfront types on the East River are ready to give a
'green' stamp to anything the developers do if they get their thing.

Funny how developers (and then by definition, the newspapers and politicians) always find the quislings to be the 'spokesman' for the community.

Anonymous said...

All part of the plan folks.....
first you build a retention tank
to clean up the "aroma" of the Flushing Creek.....
then you perpetrate a land grab at Willets Point !

All this to make the "development" of the waterfront attractive to private vested interests.

And what's the taxpayers' bill for all this ?

When Jimmy Durante finds his "lost chord",
maybe we'll get to see the final spread sheet !

Anonymous said...

"And what's the taxpayers' bill for all this ?"

Good question. Does anyone think the city is taking care of their community's needs with the current population?

What will happen with thousands more?

Lets see if Vicky or Gary will write up something in their papers. Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Funny.....when the Willets Point businesses
begged for improvements over many long years,
the city blatantly ignored them.

Now that Wellington's Asian gang of developers
want the area....
NYC quickly grants their wishes
with a multi million dollar sewage retention tank
just for starters.

And anyone who says that Chinese interests
have bought our politicians
(begining with Ackerman, Stavisky etc.)
get branded racists for telling the mere truth!

Flushing/Corona is slated to become
one of their new colonies.

Anonymous said...

Are the Chinese still in the laundry business.....
(from clothes to money) ?

Anonymous said...

You forgot one for the tank......
Myra Baird Herce with water wings
paddling over to Toby who's sunning herself on a raft !

Anonymous said...

COLONIES!!! COLONIZERS!!! Oh, those are fighting words! I can see Evan Stavisky organizing another posse of those political pigs he represents to condemn using those words.

Anonymous said...

True....Brian Mc Laughlin
(a long time Stavisky stooge)
jumped on the band wagon
and backed the "gang's" branding
of Councilwoman Harrison as a racist
a few years back.

and served ALL of her community well.

Whereas Brian,
a common thief, did squat for his constituents
and may be facing (G-d willing) a long prison term.

Anonymous said...

.....A few years back? The Stavisky posse was formed to hang Harrison in 1996. She never spoke a truer word about what happened in Flushing! Even Tommy Huang never called her a liar. He was quoted in the World Journal as saying, "Julia has a big mouth and the Chinese will never vote for her again". She won re-election in 1997.

Anonymous said...

Even Liu couldn't get enough votes
from his Asian "colonists" to win a landslide victory.

Ellen Young's performance
wasn't exactly overwhelming either.
Julia Harrison missed getting on the ballot
in the State Assembly primary.....
was it by just 32 to 36 votes?

The misnomer that Asians make up the majority populace in Flushing is a contrived inaccuracy.

They're approximately neck in neck
with Latinos in the district.

It's their unsanitary dominance....
(witness the filth and stench filled streets)
that Asians maintain a visual majority!

Anonymous said...

Asians seem to maintain a money majority.

Look at all the $$$$$$$$
that fugitive Norman Hsu gave to Dem politicos !

Wonder if the Staviskys got their share ? !!!

Maybe the FBI isn't finished investigating yet Toby !

Anonymous said...

what a pathetic group of comments. if any of you losers have development proposals and the necessary investors to back it up to compete with the asian investors in flushing, queens or elsewhere, bring it. Flushing was an economically depressed, insignificant backwater town before the asians moved into flushing, willets point, etc.. Send your kids to college, work hard and make a living and invest in your community instead of complaining and turning into quasi racists.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Evan or Wellington spreading the appropriate propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Somebody obviously stepped on Evan's dick.
(It's kind of hard to easy mistake)!

Anonymous said...

I could better afford to send my kids
to ivy league colleges.....
if I could skim off some of that cash
from the gambling and smuggling operations,
whore houses, and counterfeit goods emporiums
that our Asian "benefactors" are managing to do
while they're "saving" Flushing.

Where can I buy a can of lead paint ?
I understand this is the most durable finish one can use!

Anonymous said...

That ranter who's on a toot....
pimping Asian "development"
sounds like an anti-Black bigot to me!

Are those folks that he (or she) is referring to
who should be working harder.....
African Americans?

Because that's what I've personally heard
in some of those "back room"meetings
that I've attended over the years!

Anonymous said...

If the measure of "success"
that Asian development has brought to F-LIU-xhing
is filth, overcrowding, stench, illegal enterprises.....
then I say that the term "success" has been misused
(probably resulting from an improper translation
from Chinese to English).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps to the Staviskys, Liu,
Chen, Kent Realty, Mehran,
Myra Herce & her Flushing Chamber,
Mabel Law's do-nothing BID, etc.
Flushing is, indeed, HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL !

Just look at the river of cash that flows
down Main Street......
and all of them filling their pockets.

By the way, who was the Chinese gent that said
(at the Sheraton La Guardia East Hotel....
wasn't it about 10 years back ?) ......
"Money is the mother's milk of politics".

A precursor of Norman Hsu....maybe ?

Anonymous said...

LOL. So Flushing development is just filled with illegal cheap goods panderers, why can't you losers outbid them and engage in development projects of your own or try purchasing some commercial property? Welcome to American capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's got their tit in a ringer .
I guess that the unfettered truth that's spoken here
sure does hurt.

Cheap goods and unsanitary conditions....yep.....
perhaps some Asian bribe money for local politicos.
(Their back doors are always open).

Let the local development group
continue to crank out its PR puffery to the contrary.

F-LIU-xhing is a stinking second rate Chinatown!

(Now don't you lose any sleep blog watching....
C.M. Liu and/or staff).

Anonymous said...

You cant' make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!
No matter how hard you try.....that's Flushing for you!

Anonymous said...

But isn't it "vibrant" and "bustling"....
Ms. Herce, Senator Toby, Ass. Mbr. Young....
anyone out there?

Anonymous said...

No matter how you cut it....
I don't see Flushing as a magnet
that will draw the upper classes you?

Anonymous said...

A lot of the commercial property in Flushing
isn't owned by Asians.

Do a property search
and you'll find some old established names.

They love the Taiwanese/Chinese because they overpay when renting their spaces!