Saturday, September 8, 2007

Spitzer chooses status quo for racetracks

The four firms vying for the state's horse racing franchise, which includes Aqueduct Race Track in Ozone Park and Belmont Park in Elmont, L.I., collectively spent more than $2 million over the past year in campaign contributions to the governor and other state elected officials as well as lobbying activities, according to a state good government group.

Spitzer taps NYRA to run Aqueduct, but OK needed

But Gov. Eliot Spitzer recommended Tuesday that the New York Racing Association, which spent the third-lowest amount of the four bidders in contributions and lobbying, be awarded the franchise. NYRA has held the lease for 52 years.

Spitzer Backs NYRA For Aqueduct’s Future

Spitzer places bet on NYRA to retain franchise

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

Can it be that there are ties
between the NYRA and......h-m-m-m......
one of the old time organized crime groups
and political office holders ??????

Horse race betting was always a "gray" area !

Anonymous said...

Far more likely Spitzer figured out NYRA actually did own the land rather than the State. The Bankruptcy Court probably would have ruled so. In that instance NYRA would have been able to sell it off to who they wanted, pay their debts to the State, and keep the rest for racing at Saratoga and Belmont. This way, the State gets the land, NYRA's debt goes away, the VLT money pays back the State for the debt forgiveness, NYRA gets to play with their horses, etc. etc and somebody probably gets to do some development.

Anonymous said...

Might Org/ crime probably still get involved
(indirectly) if Aqueduct gets "developed"
(i.e. "labor union" muscle, possible bid rigging etc.) ?
It's in the middle of the Ozone Park turf.....ain't it ?

Taxpayer said...

People like Spitzer always think they've outsmarted everyone else. So did Maryland ex Governor Marvin Mandel.

In the early 70's he was sent to jail (and became ex-governor) because he violated federal laws (wire fraud, for one, because he used the media to transmit his lies regarding his involvement in Maryland's racetrack racketeering.).

Keep lying, Spitzer. You're just sealing your own fate. Most likely, you and Gallagher will share a romance.

Anonymous said...

Joe Bruno's gonna kick his ass
for abuse of just wait 'n see.