Saturday, September 8, 2007

City developing Willets relocation plan

The city took the next step toward its multi billion- dollar plan to redevelop Willets Point last week, issuing a request for proposals asking firms to develop a worker assistance and relocation plan for the more than 1,300 people currently employed in the area.

City to help Willets Pt. workers

New York City Economic Development Corporation President Robert Lieber said the plan, which would create an 18-month program for training, placement and immigration services for workers in the area, is part of the responsibility of the city to respect the life and work of those who will be forced out by the city's redevelopment of the small patch of land.

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Anonymous said...

"The creation of a workforce assistance plan will help upgrade the skill sets of workers in Willets Point and place them in jobs with strong pathways to self-sufficiency, while the redevelopment of the area will grow and sustain employment in the community," Walsh said.


Anonymous said...

The city is just "going through the motions"
of retraining and relocating
the affected workers and businesses
to fend off mounting criticism
of their ill thought blatant land grab.

In the end.... the workers, businesses and land owners
will get screwed to the wall by the EDC !

This is just a ruse so NYC can have,
what they would consider, a clear conscience
and a paper trail
showing all that they "tried their best".

If Wellington Chen's buddies win the final bid......
do you think that his best
will be remotely good enough ? !!!

Anonymous said...

The majority of these workers work ten to twelve hours per day, often six days a week. Where will they find the time for 18 months of "training"? This whole proposal was done without thought and is ridiculous! Only the foreign special interests and their developers will benefit from this land grab.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the gubmint to steal private property, kick people out of jobs and then cast themselves as the white knight bc they provide some crappy job training which we all know will amount to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Will interpreters be provided that speak
the languages of all the various foreign workers
that are currently employed at Willets Point during the retraining process?

I doubt it. This will be the one time that
the city will insist....... ENGLISH only !

Taxpayer said...

Both Commissar Bloomberg and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe certainly do know a thing or two about robbing land for political and financial gain!

Anonymous said...

In cases like this when a government promises people help, they usually find a way to weasel out of it.

The city will probably say later that it decided 'streamline' the assistance package and will give these people a tax break instead of job training.

Anonymous said...

the development of Willets Point will be a tough blow for the mob too.

Anonymous said...

It's a den of thieves right now.

Anonymous said...

Nothing compared to the den of....
is it "Shanghai thieves" (?).....
that, perhaps,Wellington Chen
plans on bringing into the area ? !!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a political mob running Queens
that makes La Cosa Nostra or the Mafia
look like amateurs!

It's run by Crowley and his machine buddies....'s he Staviskys & Co. !!!

Anonymous said...

Is Chinese "laundry" money
winding up in this project ???

It's time to picket Wellington Chen's home
in Little Neck !

Anonymous said...

wellington's not getting this project. didn't you see that the related companies is a finalist? don't you know that docotoroff is a totally owned subsidary of related?

Anonymous said...

Chen will get his hand in it somewhere.....
or perhaps he'll get a very fat fee
for being a real estate bag man !

Anonymous said...

Wellington Chen will be a part of Wellington Point in his own invisible way. Much like his political contributions and his architectural accomplishments, you'll never see his name (the American or Chinese version) ever appear. He's a secret (agent) man from the secret society.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which "tong"
Chen might (???) have affiliations with .

Is he involved with the "7 Giants" ?

Anonymous said...

More important.....
Is Democratic party political fund raiser and fugitive Norman Hsu
connected with Tommy Huang, John Liu,
Wellington Chen and a host of other locals ?

time for the Feds to follow the money trail.

Who knows what other fishes may get hooked !

Anonymous said...

Let the city create a temporary
relocation/training facility
in the backyard of Wellington Chen's
Little Neck home.

Relocation Sugar Land said...

The Bloomberg administration is searching for a firm to help relocate some 260 businesses currently in Willets Point, the 61-acre industrial site by Shea Stadium slated for a complete redevelopment. The city’s Economic Development Corporation today posted on its Web site a request for proposals, seeking a consultant to provide assistance in relocating the businesses, most of which are in the auto-repair/junkyard industry.

The consultant “is being engaged to help develop a relocation assistance strategy, and, working closely with and on behalf of NYCEDC, to manage all day-to-day aspects of the assistance program,” according to a description on EDC’s Web site.

The businesses, joined by many local legislators, unions and housing groups, have pushed back against the city’s plan for the site, which imagines a thriving district of mostly residential and retail space.