Saturday, September 1, 2007

Queens gets new CAU rep

Former Queens Chronicle reporter, Jennifer Manley, is the new director of the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit for western Queens.

“No problem is too small,” Manley told reporters on a visit to the Chronicle last week. “If your block has overflowing trash cans, for example, that’s a big thing in your universe. And there’s really no reason the city shouldn’t take care of it.”

Meet Jen Manley: Bloomberg’s ‘Eyes, Ears’ In Western Queens

“I’ve been on the ground, talking to people,” she said of her old shoe-leather days with the Chronicle. However, as a reporter, “you often see the same types of problems arise over and over again. Now, I actually get to do something to resolve the issues I’ve seen so many times.”


“City government feels impenetrable,” she said. “One of the reasons I took this job was to be able to help government work better for the people that I have been writing about for the last year-and-a-half.”

We hope you'll actually do that instead of just parroting your boss, the Beantown Boy. You're lucky in the sense that your predecessor lowered the bar for you.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

CAU.....Community ass-kissing unit.....h-m-m-m!
Watchful waiting is the operative mode!
Let's see if this lass can do the walk and not just talk!

Or will she follow the Matt Gorton book of rules!

Anonymous said...

I recall some of the unfortunate coverage from her on the Sunnyside Gardens landmarking efforts.

As a matter of fact, those articles on are on this site along with comments by the public criticising her lack of fair coverage.

She never responded as to why her articles were so much against the community, and until she does, she is served notice that everthing she says or does will be under review.

I guess that is how you establish your resume to get a job with the city to interface with Queens.

Taxpayer said...

With Gorton as her predecessor, simply returning phone calls will be a demonstration of great good will.

But, her master is the Commissar, who has taken great pains to demonstrate his disdain for Queens and its residents. Let's see if she will do her job despite his every effort to minimize her.

So, we welcome her with jaundiced eyes, expecting very little.

Anonymous said... asshole underling!

Dirty Harry said...

it looks like the patronage mill
turned out another hack
from their endless supply.

This new flack lass was given a big paycheck, to keep her content while she's busy feigning concern for the community!

Just look at that pasted on smile!

In the meantime it's us residents
who'll be getting buggered by NYC
in what appears to be a repeat star performance!

Anonymous said...

to Dirty Harry (wow how original (rolling eyes)), I'd suggest you keep your mouth clean before you talk about someone you don't know. Jenifer is not only a hard working person, she's also honest, and to the point. She'll be a great asset to Queens the to the Mayor's office.

dirty harry said...

Her skills as a Chronicle reporter weren't much to write home about.
What makes anyone think she'll do a better job
at the CAU.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.....Parkside rescued her
from Liz Rhode's tyrannical tirades
and pushed her into the CAU.

You don't need much talent to work there.

That unit is known as a joke!