Sunday, September 2, 2007

Park video pretty, but pathetic

The New York Times has published a video of Flushing Meadows Corona Park during the U.S. Open.

In the Shadow of the U.S. Open

They glossed over the biggest issue. The decrepit condition of the park! I mean how could accomplished journalists have totally missed the real story of what's in the shadow of the U.S. Open? You can make an entire video out of why the Unisphere fountain is only turned on during the Open and not at any other time of year. The answer is obvious - it's in Queens and during the rest of the year the park is visited mostly by people in lower income brackets. How about that angle, Gray Lady?


Anonymous said...

wonder how many free front row seats Times execs got to the Open?

Anonymous said...

You certain got that right - take them to task on this one.

The Manhattan liberal elite will talk a good talk, but when the rubber hits the road they are full of crap.

Everyone in the know is aware of how you carefully cut and paste to make that cesspool of a park into potemkin village in that piece.

Hey Times! Why don't you do a few editorials for 'affordable housing' in Manhattan. Its seems like entire neighborhoods are going through ethnic cleansing and you say nothing.

Anonymous said...

The N.Y. Times is behind the times as usual.

Hey.....wadda ya fans are myopic.....
all that they can see is the ball that's in play
at the time.
Don't expect anyone to make use of their
peripheral vision and look around the grounds
beyond the stadium.

Game, set, match. Exit.

Then they do a quick reverse commute
back to Manhattan, Westchester, Connecticut
or wherever they come from!

Let's all get the hell out of Queens before nightfall
and the vampires come out!

Can't find a decent latte here anyway.

Hey Biff.....where's Muffy....did we lose her?

westernqueensland said...

I don't want to think of myself as lower income (though I can't afford Manhattoes any more), but we hada blast at the park a few times this summer. And since Sunnyside has no open green spaces, we like lushing Meadows Park (and Astoria Park).

Joe in Manhasset said...

I was there Thursday 8PM it was CRAP and I mean REAL CRAP !
This coming from somebody who remembers the fair, lived in Bushwick, Ridgewood, Maspeth most my life. I never remember Corona and that park being so 3rd world and dirty.

(I went to see the lit fountains and King of Corona)

I step off the LIRR to find the MTA has HUGE racket going; they had pens setup so when you exit your train & walked up the steps you were placed in cattle pens and stopped !
If you didn’t keep your ticket receipt (for the trip you already paid for and completed) the MTA slammed you pay again at full LIRR fair.

The ticket takers on the train were not telling people “keep this ripped/punched ticket” no PA announcement NOTHING
MTA were grabbing every about 5th person I was one of them. I started a big fuss, some other’s jumped in and we all were almost arrested, the cops were real NASTY they wouldn’t let us go back to the trash bin.

Lots of people in the park, fountains going, however 200 feet from the stadium and cameras all dark no lights.
the NYSP was dark and looked like a ghost in the background. I swear what I found looked like the movie set from "Planet of the Apes" rotting in the Universal lot since 1970

I walked over to King of Corona from the Unisphere BLOCK's passing 100's of people (in the dark) and could not hear one person speaking English !

The traffic lights were all stuck on RED @ the kings triangle, people were blowing horns, cursing in Spanish, waving “the finger”
The King of Corona (Peter Benfaremo) sat in his chair in his classic white paper hat, pants and shirt, shaking his head side to side in disgust.
He looked pretty comical.

I got my ice, however the Corona streets around the park stank of urine, puke and rotting garbage so bad I couldnt finish it.

The return LIRR train headlight's out West in the distance were the highlight of the evening.
...and thats that, so sad.
What the hell is wrong with the City !


Anonymous said...

Maybe if people like you had stayed instead of moving to the north shore, Corona wouldn't be like that today. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

You're not alone, Joe. I almost got arrested too last year when I visited the park during the Open and dared to take a photo by the stadium.

Some security guy took down my name after ID-ing me and told me, "No more photos in sensitive areas."

The same thing happened to me again a few days later on the other side of the park where all of the limos were entering with their precious VIP's.

Joe in Manhasset said...

They crack me up ""No photos or standing in sensitive areas""
Meanwile bums are begging for $$, peeing.
Other voices behind bushes fences and fences chant "good smoke, good smoke twenty dollar"

Its like friggan Christie street off the Bowery in 1980 !
The only difference is you need a translator.

Who does Crazy Mayor Subway "Mike the Bike" and his appointed puppets and dummys think there kidding ?


Anonymous said...

"What the hell is wrong with the City !"

Who cares? The machine exists so THEY make money, not to run the city or provide services. Other parts of the city have demanded (and got) improvement of servcies. The politicians are a straw tiger afterall. But those folks in Manhattan, smirking, will ignore us.

Afterall, anyone who is so passive as the residents in Queens deserves not help or respect, but another foot on their head as they lay prone on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

For the last time, Shea Stadium is NOT in Flushing Meadows Park!!!

Anonymous said...

Rename the park........

i.e. "Queens Northeast Park".

The original mistake is bearing the name
of one of the two ugliest areas in the borough.

What image does one conjure up
at the mention of Flushing or Corona?

Case closed!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if FMCP had a ring of wealthy
well connected families living around it
(like Central Park's 5th Ave. & CPW residents)....
it wouldn't be taken advantage of
and given away piece by piece to the friends
of crooked politicos!

Anonymous said...

If wealthy people lived by the park the city wouldn't dare to touch even a blade of grass there.

Anonymous said...

The fountan is turned on only during the US Open
because it's full of urine the rest of the time!