Sunday, September 2, 2007

Johnny: now concerned about blackouts

Dear Friends,

Summer's not quite over and we still have at least a few more days of hot weather. Residents and businesses in Flushing have already suffered from at least four electrical outages this summer.

Council Member John Liu continues to call on the energy utility company to rapidly upgrade the area's electrical infrastructure particularly in light of sustained growth in the area. At the same time, we urge everyone to conserve energy to help forestall additional disruptions to our power supply. Energy saving tips from the U.S. Department of Energy are available here.

Agnes Kim
Office of Council Member John C. Liu

At the same time, Johnny, shouldn't you be calling for a moratorium on new building until the infrastructure has been upgraded?


georgetheatheist said...

"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell."
-Edward Abbey (1929-1989)

Anonymous said...

I just find it funny that not a single newspaper wants the public to know about this.

I find it funny that not a single elected official (except Avella) wants the public to know about this.

I find it pathetic that in a boro of more than 2 million only a handful of people are outraged by this.

Anonymous said...

John Liu has taken so much money from developers that to suddenly cut off its supply by declaring
the need for a building moratorium
would leave him dehydrated in the political arena.

He's always thirsty for more $$$$$$$.

Perhaps he still owes his puppeteers.....the Staviskys, Crowley etc.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever stop for a red light.....
get out of your car.....
do a complete circle around it.....
then return to the driver's seat before the light changed to green?

That's what's known as a "Chinese fire drill"

For C.M. Liu to do a complete 360 degree reversal
of his past position..... supporting over develoment
would look just as ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Johnny is affraid a blackout will happen on a night of one of his on-going fundraisers.

He taken lots of money from his developer friends and his father's banking buddies. He's also taken "dirty" money from Norman Hsu, the Hilary Clinton fundraising guy. I wonder if Johnny is going to donate his $4,950.00 donation from Hsu to charity like the rest of the pigs who got campaign funds from this fugitive. It'll be intereting to see who Liu donates the money to, if he does.

Anonymous said...

Liu has got a third eye up his ass.....
keeping careful watch that these back door deposits aren't likely to be shunted elsewhere !

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that bigot hire anyone who's not Asian?

Julia Harrison had a true multi cultural staff
when she was in office.

Anonymous said...

He's got Barbara Baruch on his payroll. She's the hack from the Stavisky camp.

ex staffer...maybe? said...

Oh.....yes...."dear" Barbara.......I forgot.

Liu's puppeteers do have to keep an eye
on the machine's favorite sock puppet!

Those low life Staviskys
always plant somebody in the district office
of a pet politician just to make sure that he remains
under their thumb!

Anonymous said...

We heard from a former staffer,
that the Staviskys make sure that "certain" papers
in their district office are
locked up in the safe each night.

H-m-m-m....if this is true......
what's so sensitive about this stuff
that it's got to be secured in such a manner?

Anonymous said...

You've got to go through an FBI background check before you get into the Stavisky district office.

Come to think of it.....constituents are rarely
(if ever) admitted to their inner sanctum!

Food for ? !!!

verdi said...

I'm more concerned with the media blackouts
that are being perpetrated by
the politically controlled Queens weekly rags
that are posing as newspapers.

Every time I hear that one of them gets
a journalism award.....I reach for an Alka Seltzer!

Connie R said...

That’s true about the Stavisky’s district office. Years ago, when I lived in Flushing, I had a problem that I thought Leonard could help me with. I drove over to the Willets Point Boulevard address that I got from one of those mailings with Lenny’s college picture on the top. There was no identifiable sign on the two family “crap” house. As I walked up to the house the door opened and Tony Avella greeted me. Avella was Lenny’s chief of staff. He turned me around and escorted me back to my car. Avella said the Senator would address my problem but I would have to put my complaint in writing with a chronology of what had transpired so far. I eventually solved my own problem without the help from the Stavisky’s or Tony Avella. Why the Stavisky’s have a district office is beyond me. It’s a waste of taxpayers money.

As far as these blackouts in Flushing are concerned – KEEP BUILDING BOYS!

Anonymous said...

"Johnny" can sit on the John and crap in the dark
like the rest of us......come the next blackout.

Don't forget to light a match......pew!

verdi said...

It'll take more than a match....Flushing politics stinks!

Anonymous said...

WARNING! This is scary - especially the last sentence -

Anonymous said...

That is scary. If by any remote chance that Liu would win, imagine Evan Stavisky doling out the patronage jobs? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Well, we knew he is the son of a bank-scammer and convicted felon. We know he’s ethically challenged when it comes to telling the truth and he’s the cousin-in-law of Tommy Huang. With 2-3 press releases a day, we can safely add megalomaniac to the list of what we know about Johnny Liu.

Anonymous said...

It's funny.....
but do I detect a decrease
in pro Liu comments ?

I guess that his former
enthusiastic sophomoric supporters
have finally met their match.

They can't beat all our truth telling
and and decided to slink off into hiding.

Or, maybe, "Parkside" just raised their fees
for playing "Queens Crap"watchdog on Liu's behalf .

Connie R said...

What can he possibly do to warrant 2-3 press releases a day? He must have a person on staff just to handle his Press releases instead of attending to the constituency. His staff is supposed to be addressing the needs of the district and not HIS political image.